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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kristen's panda cupcakes

We have been enthralled by the live web cam on the mama and baby panda at the national zoo. It's absolutely amazing to watch her nurture the newborn cub! Their God-given instincts are amazing! She is so attentive and is completely content to care for the baby cub! It's just so sweet!
You can watch it HERE!!!! 
Kristen made these for church tonight!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Steve Green Concert

In August of 1995 while Gary and I were dating, I surprised him with Steve Green tickets! We loved listening to him and seeing him in person was even better! 

We drove to Raleigh Memorial Auditorium for the concert. After seeing several groups/singers through the years, his is the ONLY "concert" where we felt like it was truly a worship service rather than a performance. 

For that reason we have always wanted to return to one of his events. 

Our girls have all of our old CDs and listen to him all the time! As we were listening to him on the way to church last Sunday morning, I happened to check the schedule and saw he was going to be close! So I talked Gary into taking a quick trip to what he and the girls thought was just to see family! Saturday morning I surprised them with the tickets! 
They had no clue!!
IMG_0668 from Gary & Melissa Goodfellow on Vimeo.

The concert was so good and we are so glad we had the opportunity to take our girls! Once again, it was indeed a worship service!

We had never seen him play this instrument before! 

steve green IMG_0674 from Gary & Melissa Goodfellow on Vimeo.

He Holds The Keys!

steve green IMG_0676 from Gary & Melissa Goodfellow on Vimeo.

Gary has sang many of his songs through the years: Broken & Spilled Out (with his sister Dawn in Sacs Competition), We Believe, Oh, I want to know You more, 'Til the End of Time (in our wedding) (you can hear him singing it in the last smile box in THIS WEDDING POST we did), Find us faithful, God & God Alone, Calvary's Love, The Mission, and more.

The first one I ever played for him to sing was The Mission.  I was sooooo nervous! He was asked to sing for Bro. Dale Burden's farewell banquet and thankfully Kevin Skiles spent lots of time helping me to learn the timing perfectly! I spent hours practicing that song in those Southeastern practice rooms!

Practicing before the banquet......I look scared to death in this pic!

Steve Green singing "The Mission"--
It truly is amazing how God is still blessing his ability to sing at age 59!

Steve Green Singing "We Believe"
IMG_0677 from Gary & Melissa Goodfellow on Vimeo.
steve green IMG_0679 from Gary & Melissa Goodfellow on Vimeo.

Our girls loved it! We have all been singing his music constantly since Saturday! They have already asked for all the cd's we do not have! Thankful how God has used his music through the years! In a day where it is almost impossible to turn on Christian radio without hearing someone trying to sensualize their voice, or there is no distinction between it and the world, Steve Green is a great option for music that is God honoring!

20 years later!