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Sunday, February 3, 2013

"So what is the super bowl anyway?"

We love the "you know you're a redneck if..." jokes!! Tonight however, "you may never watch the super bowl if".....your 14 year old says on the way home from church...."So what is the super bowl anyway?" Haha

We couldn't help but laugh. We have boycotted the super bowl for several years now (and haven't missed it by the way), but we just haven't taken time to explain to the girls why. So after they inquired we explained to them what it has become the last several years.  The sinful and seductive half time shows and commercials have taken center stage weeks before, during, and after the super bowl. Not to mention its an excuse for folks who normally attend church on Sunday night to miss church or for some to get slammed drunk. The two teams playing football takes a backseat to the so called entertainment.  That's enough for our family just not to take part in it. We surely don't condemn those who watch it, but for us that is what we have chosen.  "So, what is the super bowl anyway?"

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