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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Remembering 9/11

On September 11, our neighborhood had a ceremony to remember and reflect. The steel beams are actually from the twin towers.

Most of these folks are from our neighborhood.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


First Day of School 2012---Olympics Theme

Kayla made this delicious broccoli-cheesy-chicken and homemade rolls from start to finish by herself.  DELICIOUS, sweetie! 

ha! for some reason the photo made the inside of the chicken look raw :-/  it wasnt, it was cooked beautifully! :-)

LOOK OUT!!  Kristen's first time to cut grass!!

it was funny, she stood up a little bit and it cut off because she wasnt heavy enough to keep the seat down.  the seat has to be down to keep it running.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lesser evil is still EVIL, right?

As a new day unfolded post-election Wednesday, I awoke to a dreary morning politically and meteorologically. I'm no meteorologist or political analyst, but I do have the mental capacity to understand that our great nation has asked for further damage to its already tarnished image.  Now, before I get thrown under the bus, for blaming a specific party for this gloom-and-doom, hear me out. We the people have tarnished that image.  What do I mean?  Stay with me.

"We the people of these divided States, in order to form a more social union, establish tolerance, ensure world wide peace by passive dialogue, provide for the common defense cuts, promote the establishment and its spending and excessive taxing, and secure the blessings of debt through national health care, out of control spending, and increasing handouts by anti-Biblical economics to ourselves and our posterity, do justify and reaffirm this humanistic, Godless view of these Red and Blue States of America."

We the people. Us. We voted for this as a majority.  What we missed was that neither of these men come within a light year of being Biblically qualified to lead us. Yes, God can use a leader who is not His child, but He never gives His blessing when we give ours to a leader who does not fear him (God's Words, not mine! - Exodus 18). The old adage of "three steps forward, two steps back" used by the communist regime in the early part of the 20th century seems to have become the pattern for America.  Only in our case, it is more like 3 steps back and 1 little inch forward (or sideways). And WE allowed it.

The life issue:
"In the beginning God created...and breathed the breath of life, and man became a living soul." The Creation story stands in stark contrast to man's option to destroy life. Does mankind EVER, under any circumstance, have the right to choose which of God's creation made in His image should or should not live? Ever? Under any circumstance? Don't preach Biblical absolutes and vote situational ethics! Don't preach the Word and live like the world! Lord, teach me to obey every time! Life with God is NEVER an accident! He does not need man's help in weeding out mistakes He does not make!

PS- When man begins to mess with the first acts of God in this universe, the foundation for any Biblically-based governing is immediately and completely eroded! If the beginning of the book is faulty, how can a book be worth its salt as a guidebook for a way of life?

Proverbs 14:34 tells us that "righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people."  What is righteousness?  Voting for the better guy who is part of a cult, less socialistic, less big government, and attempts to justify fewer ended lives than the next guy?  We call this the lesser of two evils for those of you who are missing it.  The lesser of two evils!  So when did voting for any EVIL become acceptable for Christians??  We are quick to quote a Christian hero who said "It is never right to do wrong in order to do right" and "Do right till the stars fall!"  Lesser of two evils. Both are evil, not necessarily equal, but admittedly evil. How many have I heard already admit that they chose a candidate for the "lesser evil" reason? So less evil is acceptable in the sight of God? or Is voting for the lesser of two evils, evil?  I'm sorry to say that I too have used that logic before.  Romans 12:21 says "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." Unless putting your confidence in "lesser evil" is good, this is not a Scriptural practice. Help me understand.

Take a moment to read this article entitled When "Lesser Evil" Won.  Not that I am at all comparing either of the two men that ran for presidency to Hitler, but this is an article worth reading concerning the "lesser evil" subject.

We can make a difference in what is quickly becoming a spiritual amputation (total separation of God and country), but placing a political, immoral band-aid on this severe problem is not Christian, Biblical, or Godly. I have a hard time believing that this is any different than throwing money at auto industries to "bail out" failing economics. Band-aids are totally useless when major reconstructive surgery is needed.....

III John 1:4 - I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

What can we do to start a trend reversal?  It starts at home.  Raise up Godly homes led by Godly men following God's Word. Train up men to stand in the gap, men that are Biblically qualified to lead, and men that desire to reproduce themselves for the next generation. Then, think! Don't let others think for you.  God already directed you.  Listen and quit justifying disobedience as "it was the best I could do." Walk in truth... His truth... His Word to us revealed in Scripture.

"Imagine if we started (in our homes and our churches) raising generations of children who stood uncompromisingly on God's Word, knew how to defend the Christian faith, could answer skeptical questions of this age, and had a fervor to share the Gospel from the authority of God's Word with whomever they met! This could change the world!" - Ken Ham

God help me to do my part the right way. Help me to be righteous.  I pray men who are Biblically qualified will take a stand and seek to lead in these next four years and we pray for our current president that He will turn his heart to the God of the Bible.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Is it wrong for a Christian to vote for Romney???

In less than a week, most of us will walk into a voting booth and cast our vote for President of the United States of America.  How will we vote?  Will we use God's Word as our guide or will we just vote for the "conservative guy" because that's what we are supposed to do? 

We fully intended to vote for Mitt Romney less than a couple of weeks ago.  Let's face it.  He is the lesser of two evils. Right??  Right???  Isn't that the logic we should use?? 

As we sat, and watched, and listened to Paul Ryan clearly state their abortion stance, RED flags went up!  Definitely something in our conscience seemed to say....this is not right.  As we began to research, pray, study Scripture, listen to sermons, and watch videos over this last week, we have realized we absolutely cannot vote for this man.  (and no, we are not voting for Obama!!) 

Now, before you get all uptight, hear us out!  Please!  This is prayerfully intended to influence others to think in a way that upholds Scripture.  We are sorry to say that before now, we really cannot say we have honestly searched the Scriptures before voting.  We have always just voted for the conservative candidate like all the other Christians we knew.  That is not good enough and we do not desire to live our lives in light of what other people (even Christians) do and say.  We desire to live our lives in light of God's Word.  We want to do our best to make that our standard.

This is a lengthy post, but we pray you read and prayerfully consider. We know a lot of times when we see posts with lots of links and such it's tempting not to click on all of them.  Please take a few minutes to watch/listen to these clips to get the full gist of the point we are trying to make. It is worth it to help you make an informed decision.

This video is one that shows Mitt Romney has not been consistent in his so-called "pro-life" stance.

Paul Ryan CLEARLY stated in the VP debate that Romney/Ryan was pro-life EXCEPT in certain cases.  Therefore what they are saying is that it is OK to kill some babies, just not as many as Obama!  We didn't take the time to link a video clip of that but just google vp debate transcript and you can read it if you were unable to watch it.  Think about it.  If you vote for him, you are saying "it is ok to kill a few babies that are not wanted" and justify it "because he's better than the alternative."  All life is created by the God of the Bible. John 1:3; Is. 44:2 Yes, sometimes life is created when there is sin involved, but God Almighty creates life and we have no right to take that life because it is "unwanted or inconvenient."  He has a purpose and plan and before they were in the womb, HE knew them! (Jer. 1:5!!)
By the way, we would also like to say we personally know several folks that have had an abortion in the past.  We are thankful that God forgives, heals, and has the power to change hearts.

Please take a moment to view this repulsive ad endorsed by Mitt Romney himself!  Watch this one at least twice and let what this lady is saying sink in!

Here is a card we received in the mail telling us if we vote Republican we will protect life.  THAT'S FALSE!  We will only protect some life, not all!
If you enlarge these photos you will see how one is made to believe we will defend life by voting Republican.  Not true. We will only defend some life, not all if we vote the way this card encourages us to do. Mitt Romney claims to be Pro-life on his website.  However, he is only pro-life for some children. 

 As we listened to a sermon concerning the Ballot Box we were convicted.  Here are some main points of this sermon that spoke to us:

*Psalm 119:4  "Thou hast commanded us to keep thy precepts diligently."
*We act irrationally and look to our own wisdom concerning voting.
*The Bible is definitive and sufficient.
*A Mormon candidate's beliefs are inconsistent with the Bible--it's a CULT!  They make Jesus something less than He is----HE IS GOD!  Does that bother you??  Is it right to vote for him anyway? 
*America is a CHRISTIAN nation.  We should want a Christian in office.
*Do we set aside the Bible when voting?  Do we care what God says?
*We should embrace God's standards, not fear them.
*Do we set aside religious convictions when we walk to the ballot box?
*Are we just about "conservative" values??  Conservative values change from one generation to the next!  They sure are different than they were even 15 years ago.  INSTEAD, we should be about a Biblical worldview!  
*By what standard do I make judgment?
*By what standard do I evaluate?
*Either the Bible is the standard or it's my own personal opinion which is the standard.
*What saith the Scriptures concerning the ballot box?
*A candidate DOES NOT have to be perfect, just QUALIFIED!
*Romans 13:4 tells us a civil magistrate is a "minister of law."  Some say they are not a minister, but God's Word says they are!  LAW itself comes from GOD!  (Is. 33:22) They are contenders of God's law in the civil realm.
*Our vote is important!
*We are not to play politics, but we are to represent Christ's interests.  We are His ambassadors and are bound by rules He has given us.  It's not just what we think is a "good idea." 
*The moral law of God transcends time and nature.
*God can raise up anyone- a Hitler, a Stalin, etc. (Prov. 29:2) But that is not the same as who we should endorse in the name of God.
*They must protect the innocent (Rom. 13)  If you deny that you will protect the innocent you have denied the office from the very beginning and you deny the God who is the source of law and liberty.
*Exodus 18--They have to acknowledge that God is the source of authority.  Civil magistrates must be willing to bear the duties of civil magistrates.
*Exodus 18:21--must be Men of strength (not physical strength----but virtue, character, courage, etc..)
*Exodus 18: They must fear God---every time you vote for someone that doesn't fear God you are self-consciously or not, voting for a FOOL.  To fear the Lord, the Bible says, is the beginning of wisdom.   Men who do not fear God, the Bible says, they are FOOLS.  But we vote for fools anyway.
*Exodus 18: They must be men who are committed to truth & they must hate covetousness.
*Deut. 1:13:  They must be MEN!  The Hebrew word is not the word that is used for mankind in general.  It's the word for MALE.  (Sure wish we could go back and change the way we voted in '08)  When we saw that McCain had picked a woman to be his running mate, we had reservations.  But, we did what everyone else did and voted for the Republican team because they were definitely the lesser of two evils.  Without ever consulting the Scriptures, we cast a McCain/Palin vote. Oh yes, she was right on on so many issues, down to earth, and seemed to really care about the American people as much as anyone.  BUT, she was not qualified according to Scripture.  If we argue that she is, then we might as well argue that a woman could replace an elder of the church because she would do a better job than he. Also, we are destroying the order of marriage because God's Word directs that major decisions should be made by the husband, and the wife is in subjection to his authority.  Therefore to elect a woman would be to strip her husband of his God-given duties.
*The Bible is NOT silent on the issue!  Other references concerning the civil magistrate:  Deut. 16:18-20; Deut. 17:14-20; II Samuel 23:3; II Chronicles 19:6-7; Nehemiah 7:2; Proverbs 16:10; Proverbs 29:14; Proverbs 31:4-5; Romans 13:1-6; Psalm 2:10-12.  (take time to look at God's Word concerning the matter) Most every one of these verses say the ruler must fear God.  Again, Mitt Romney does not fear the God of the Bible, therefore he is NOT qualified.  Yes, he has good moralisms, but so do Muslims, Hindus, etc.  Candidates do not have to be perfect, just qualified.
*They must use God's Word as a foundation: II Sam. 23:3
*Moralisms are not the same as fearing the God of the Bible.
*Christians should act OBEDIENTLY!

Those statements surely made us think!

>Here is a link to listen  to the 2-part sermon.  Take the time to listen for yourselves. 
Biblical Principles of the Ballot Box This is a POWERFUL sermon!  Please take the time to listen!

((((HERE is a great article outlining the qualifications for civil magistrate (rulers) in Scripture.))))

Someone else made this comment concerning this issue"When are we ever authorized to ignore God's standards? If I happen to be in a church where the only candidates put forward for the pastoral office are a liberal homosexual man and a (relatively) theologically conservative heterosexual woman, what should I do? Should I vote for the woman, reasoning that although the Bible does not allow women to be pastors, yet at least she is much better than the alternative? Or should I refuse to vote for either of them and focus my attention on changing the underlying unacceptable situation? Surely I should not choose either of them, as God has not authorized us to choose either homosexuals or women to be our pastors. Doesn't the same reasoning apply here?"

With all that being said, we surely have had to repent for not voting in light of Scripture in the past.  We pray God will give us guidance concerning this issue.  We are not here promoting a particular candidate.  In fact, we plan to write one in (WHICH YOU CAN DO BY THE WAY) that meets the qualifications, but we will keep from putting that out there at this point.  We just want to encourage others to think in light of Scripture.  We definitely realize we will have opposition even by other Christians.  For sure, the "lesser of two evils" argument has and will come up.  But again, WE TRUST IN THE PROVIDENCE OF GOD AND VOTE FOR SOMEONE THAT HAS QUALIFICATIONS THAT LINE UP W/ SCRIPTURE.  Surely, there are other important issues such as economy, gun control, etc, etc, etc.  But those in the forefront of our minds are what has been listed out for you. Will you vote for someone that will be responsible for murdering just a few children because his opponent will be responsible for murdering more?  Or will you vote in accordance with God's Word and leave the rest up to a Sovereign God who knows all things?  Our God is big enough to handle anything!  Can we, will we, trust HIM?

Please don't make judgment or haste comments until you have read/viewed/and listened to all that is here in this post.  If you have a problem with a link or video, let us know and we will try to send it to your email or other avenue.  Voting is a privilege.  Don't take it lightly.  Our children are watching and learning from what we do.  We say we want a better America for them, but are we willing to step out and vote for someone who is truly qualified according to Scripture?  Just this year, Kristen has really learned what abortion is.  She can't fathom that we in America would even consider such a thing. We want to teach our children what it means to cast a vote in light of Scripture, which is something we have not done until now. Our desire is that when their opportunity at the ballot box comes, their worldview will be solid Biblically to make wiser choices.

 Here are several more articles worth reading:

We fully realize only one of two candidates will be chosen and that we will vote for neither one.  We don't view it as a "wasted" vote when we are voting the way God expects us to vote.  It's all about a Biblical worldview vs the traditional "conservative" view.  To vote for someone who does not fear the God of the Bible and who will "raise up a sword" against even some of the innocent children goes against our conscience. 

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS once said:  "Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost."

~Gary & Melissa Goodfellow