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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rodeo 7-21-12 Newport, NC

It had been years since Gary or I had been to a rodeo and when we saw one in our area we definitely wanted to take the girls!  Our good friends, the Paschals, joined us and we had a blast!!  We all loved it!  I was in "horse heaven" ;-)  We got to see Bull Riding, calf roping, bronco busting, barrel racing (my favorite), and more!  I'm ready to go to another one!! It was so fun!  Whew! Can you say horse fever?!?
After we enjoyed a dinner at Pizza Hut, we headed  on over to the rodeo.  Thankfully, it quit raining by the time we got there!

checking out the calves w/ Mr.Andy and Hailey

the girls have been wanting cowgirl boots for a while so we decided to give them an early b-day present right before the rodeo :-)  they loved them!

getting ready to sing National  Anthem


"kids scramble"----they tied a ribbon to a calf's tail.  on the count of 3, about 150-200 kids ran to see who was the first one to pull off the ribbon!  it was crazy!  brand new boots............MUDDY!

dual calf roping

checking out the horses

petting the horses

this horse had a beautiful tail!  This older gentlemen was the best rider out there!

check out this miniature bull rider!

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