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Friday, October 26, 2012

Kayla turns 14!!--August 8th

We began the morning by enjoying some BoJangles and then headed to Fort Macon State Park---Atlantic Beach, NC.
the "doctor's" office

learning about our marsh lands

supply room

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standing in the fort

underneath the fort.  the day we went it was drizzling rain and so it was very wet/damp underneath.  it was dark and creepy under there! ;-)

standing on top of the fort

loved the cannons.  it was amazing to see photos of how the fort got so ran down after the war, and how they have restored it through the years.

Wow! Our almost 14 year old (she doesn't officially turn 14 until 7:40 pm ;-)!  love you sweetie!  you have been so precious to us this year.  We pray you stay that way and love God with all your heart, mind, and soul!

what an oven!

our precious pearls!

after eating lunch at Texas steakhouse in Morehead (Kayla's request), we headed over to Golphin Dolphin to ride go-carts

Kylie coming from behind!

after church we met up with the Paynes and Friedleins to enjoy some fro-yo! ;-) 

this is a crazy bunch!! Not sure where they get it from......(maybe their crazy parents?!?  hmmmmm)

Kayla was excited to see Chelsea show up...neither one knew the other was going to be there! :-)

Happy Birthday, Kayla Brooke!

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