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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our furry friends

Look what showed up at our house looking very thin around Kristen's bday!  We finally gave in to feeding her and she has stayed ever since.  We have already taken her to the vet to get shots so now she is ours! :-)  The girls love her and so do we.  She's probably around 1yr and had already been spayed! Yea!  They named her Romena (Earnst T. Bass' girlfriend off of the Andy Griffith show! haha)  She brought Gary a mouse the other day and dropped it at his feet! Go Romena!  Karolina has chased her up a tree 3 times already and we have had to get her down.  She stays outside....mostly on the front porch or under my hydranga bush.

Kristen holding one of the first set of bunnies.

they grow soooo fast!

these were born on Memorial Day

and then a month later, mama bunny had 4 more!!

the miracle of birth once again

check out their little lion-heads!

snuggle time

isnt this the sweetest thing!?!

so tiny!


  1. Ya'll need some chickens next!

    1. remember, we had some, but they got so big we had to give them to the Paschals! made me sad, but we just couldn't keep them here. Maybe one day!! :-)

  2. They r so cute when they r that small. I sure do miss mine. U sure u don't want another one