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Friday, September 21, 2012

My Poets/ Fun on the Boat!- June/July 2012

This summer the girls entered a poetry contest sponsored by HSLDA. Thanks Nana & Papa for sponsoring us! Here they are:

Kayla's poem:
"Winters Day"
As I look out of my window one early winter morning,
I see the snowflakes falling and rush to sound the warning!
We hurry through our breakfast as  quickly as we can,
Then close the door behind us with a thundering SLAM!
I scoop a great big handful of the bright and fluffy snow
And see something come towards me and then I cry "Oh no!"
I brush the former snowball from my face and sound the battle cry
And after a lengthy snowball battle the time to go in has drawn nigh.

Kylie's poem:
"God's Beautiful Spring Creations"
Spring is a beautiful name to my ear.
The aroma of spring after Winter just wants to make you shout and cheer
With all of its wonderful and enchanting things to see and hear.
Spring brings an abundance of April showers
Which gives water to the gorgeous May flowers
With all of their marvelous God-given powers.
The flowers' beautiful colors were given to them by God
In the fresh warm breeze, their petals sway and nod;
Flowers are planted in dirt, sometimes called sod.
Another one of God's spring creations is bees,
Although they do tend to tease.
Bees live in nests all around, and, sometimes, in the trees.
Bees are marvelous creatures
With all of their fascinating features.
To Christians the bee should be a wonderful teacher.
Birds are fowls that can soar very high.
As they flap their wings, it gives them the ability to fly.
I love to watch God's wonderful creation soar through the sky.

Kristen's poem:
"Falling Crystals"
Falling crystals from the sky
Making mountains so beautiful and high.
I will call the white field the white way of delight
Because it is so beautiful and bright.
I like to see the snow so bright.
I like to see the children play in the winter light.
I want to play in the snow all day.
When the snow falls I hear my sisters call
I want to be outside all day and play, play, play.
The snow is bright and light
And a beautiful site I can see.
I love the snow so bright
And I love to eat snow cream with all my might!

Fun on Papa's Boat!

Kylie caught a fish

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