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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guess who else got braces?!?

We took Kayla in for her first retainer check and I flippantly asked Dr. Rankin about when he would start Kylie in braces. (knowing she still had a couple of teeth to loose, I was thinking he would say at least 6 mo.-a year!) He asked me if she was there with me and if so he would take a look at her right then. As soon as he looked at her he got this look on his face. I thought, "oh great!" He asked if he could take an x-ray. I said, "sure." When he looked at the x-ray, he said, "that's what I thought!" I was like, "What?? Tell me!" He then explained that both of her eye teeth are growing sideways. One especially is literally laying on its side and that if we didn't do something very soon it would grow into the bone and be very extensive to pull it out of the bone. He told me he needed to put braces on the top and move the teeth over so that an ORAL SURGEON could go in and pull the teeth down to where they needed to be!!  Yes, ORAL SURGERY! Everything he was saying was so obvious from the x-ray. (see below) I just sat there stunned.  I was thinking how much I didn't want her to have to go through oral surgery and that she heard every word he was saying.  (She was fine with all of it, by the way!  She was so excited about gettting braces, the oral surgery part didn't phase her!) I was also thinking how Kayla's braces were a breeze and we had just got her out of them.  Then I realized what a blessing in disguise it was that we did catch it early enough before it grew into the bone.  I had no intention of even talking to him about Kylie when I went in there that afternoon.  It was just something that crossed my mind while I was sitting there.  Also, the fact that he saw her that very same day is unheard of.  It was almost 5:00 in the afternoon at that!  It usually takes weeks to get an app.  So, even though it wasn't necessarily what we wanted to hear, we are so thankful it all happened the way it did.  Oh, he did tell me there was a slim, slim possibility that the teeth could move down on their own now that the braces were on, but he wasn't expecting that at all.  However, it sure doesn't hurt to pray for that does it?!? :-)  She looks beautiful in her braces and has done fantastic with them....springs and all! :-)

see the "eye" tooth on the left (her right) growing sideways and neither of them have NO room!
Braces Day--July 12, 2012

last picture before braces

well, actually, this is the last picture before braces! ha! :-)

seeing herself w/ braces for the first time

showing her springs....those are what's going to help move those teeth over to make room for the ones that need to come down

pretty in braces

love them!

enjoying a fro-yo treat from nana after braces

I know the video looks like it won't play, but it should play just fine once it loads.


  1. The new clear(ish) braces are awesome! In the pictures you can barely tell that she has them at all! Much different from the mouth FULL of metal that I had!

    Love you girls!

  2. Hunter is loving examining Kylie's teeth from the x-ray! She looks great with them!