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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

4th of July 2012

We spent the first part of our 4th of July attending a funeral of a mother of a dear friend. Then we made our way to have a picnic at Tryon Palace and take part of the activities there. Since our church had church on the Tuesday before, we were priviliged to attend church and a fellowship with some dear friends over at Berean church. We all then headed to find a spot and enjoy the fireworks together.   Then we went to Fro-Yos to see our buddy Jim, who had just returned from deployment.   So thankful for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and for those who have and still are making those possible!
4th of July fireworks

enjoying time w/ the Hairs, Williams, Wehrmans, & Easons

aren't those the cutest little pig-tails!?!

lighting sparklers for the kiddos

a great spot

chattin' w/ friends

it's a lot more fun if you open your eyes, kylie!

the girls enjoyed making these cakes for our Military Appreciation Luncheon at church

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