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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Special Day--May 13th

May 13th---Mother's Day, My Birthday, & Kylie's Spiritual Birthday all in one!!
trying to get everyone's eyes open all at once was a chore on this beautiful sunny day

you can view some more of my mother's day memories here.

my precious daughters!  I'm so honored God chose me to be their mother!

thankful we were able to share part of the day with my ma

my mother (crazy as she is!) gave me baby chicks for my birthday!!  I have been wanting some for a while now!

aren't they just the cutest things!

the girls had so much fun with them!  they are so fun to watch

yea for this gift!  Just in time for making jam!!!

my precioius Kayla wrote me the sweetest card

kayla made me this candle holder from an idea out of one of the Little House books

she did a great job

kristen got me something i had been electric can opener! YEA! no more sore hands!

Kylie made me this beautiful crocheted shawl!  I can't wait till winter so i can wear it!  she did a wonderful job and made it with NO pattern! 

We enjoy sharing a "birthday." :-)  So thankful she has acknowledged her need of a Savior.  Happy Spiritual bday, Kylie!
Thank you for all my great gifts!  I loved them all!

fun chasing the baby chicks!  they are too cute.  We can only keep them for a little while and then we are going to give them to some friends since we cant keep them where we live.

another gift i had been wanting! this definitely came in handy with all the softball games at creekside which has absolutely NO shade!
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