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Friday, July 27, 2012

16th Anniversary Trip to Sunset Beach

We were to begin the trip by attending my Pa's sister's funeral in Goldsboro, but we didn't make it because Kylie woke up with 103 temp and sore throat. I just couldn't leave town not knowing if she had strep so we made a trip to the doc. and thankfully she did not have strep and was better that afternoon. We left them in Goldsboro and stopped to eat dinner at a neat little place in downtown Wilmington. It was delicious. The rest of our time together was spent in Ocean Isle/Sunset Beach.
this time we stayed in Ocean Isle which is just one beach over from Sunset Beach.  We loved our motel.

we had the indoor and outdoor pools all to ourselves several times!

the outdoor pool

view from our balcony

our little porch where we enjoyed our breakfasts

Sunset Beach

June 1, 2012

16 years

the first day at the beach we got sand-blasted!  it was so windy!  the second day was gorgeous!

Sunset Beach pier

this was a massive ship that is taken by zooming in all the way with the camera.  not sure what it was or where it was going, but it was impressive!

anniversary lunch---eating at a nice Italian restaurant that had some of the best bread ever!

eating at a Jamaican was sooooooooo good!  we could have drank the "jerk" sauce with a straw.  i was expecting spicy, but it was sweet! yummy!

anniversary dinner

outside our motel- 6-2-12

cosmic bowling

i literally had the worst 2 games of bowling in my life.  i would have been better off playing with 6 year olds or something.  i probably still would have lost.  it was pure embarrassing!

the Giggling Mackeral restaurant


the course was so pretty!

he only beat me by one stroke, but that's cause he cheated! ;-)

reminded me of Jungle Land that used to be in Atlantic Beach


Sunday after our anniversary

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A day at Tryon Palace

Back on June 8th, we enjoyed a field trip on our own to Tryon Palace. We had been wanting to tour the inside for quite sometime and what better day to do than on Jenny's birthday! We stayed up ALL NIGHT making costumes for the kids.  I had made the girls colonial dresses a few years ago, but I had to make Kylie a new one and let out hems and such in the other two.  And Jenny creativly came up with/made costumes for her boys at the last minute. Literally, I laid down at 8:30 that morning! We were exhausted, but they turned out so great! It was a fun day and the kids enjoyed dressing Colonial style.  The girls found the rooms and the decor inside so intriguing.
Definitely the best dressed kids at Tryon Palace! ;-)  (at least jenny and i think so! :-)

checking out the trap door

they look like they should be employeed by Tryon Palace, don't ya think?!



and lovely!

getting these pictures was hysterical! (as you can tell with mr. aiden!)

Happy Birthday, Jenny!


lawn bowling

fun on the tryon palace shuttle

When we got to the History Center, we noticed Kayla was on one of the posters.  Our homeschool group took a field trip there when it first opened.  They used us for guinea pigs so to speak.  They had news folks there and education videographers there.  , Kylie is on the Tryon Palace website.  You can view the video here.  She was also on the front page of the News and Observer.

We love the new history center!  It's state of the art w/ all the interactive stations.

petting the carraige horses

Jenny also blogged about the day here.