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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cherry Point Air Show --May 2012

Ok, time for some blogger catch up!!

We rewarded the girls after finishing their April calendar for Homeschool w/ a trip to see the Blue Angels air show at Cherry Point.  It was a blast and we absolutely loved seeing the show.  We were privileged w/ a VIP parking pass from our tour guide from a previous field trip. We had a softball game that day, but made it just in time for the start of the show thanks to the parking pass!  I have always loved fighter jets and it was such a "rush" to see them soar by us at blazing speeds!!  So cool!  We learned that the Blue Angel planes can be ready for war w/in 24 hours if need be.  We enjoyed our day w/ the Friedleins and the Houghtons.  Thank you Friedleins for the wonderful meal even if we did go on a wild goose chase searching for the right El Cerro! ;-)
Boy, were they loud!

They wer so close to us! It was crazy!

Whoa Budy!

Here they come again!
It's so amazing how close they are to each other!


It was a hot day, so we were thankful for the somewhat cloud cover!

kylie & aiden

Loved all the formations!


We were so excited to go inside a plane like Mr. Jim flies!  That thing is a beast!  The girls loved seeing inside the cockpit and it was pretty cool getting a personal tour from him.  It even has a potty!!!



The pictures and video just doesn't do it justice :-)  So awesome in person!  I could've watched them for hours!

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