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Monday, May 7, 2012


This video is too funny!  Kylie was hit by a wild pitch!  Funny, you ask? Yes!  Here's the story behind it:  Earlier in the week, one of our players had been hit pretty hard on the elbow by a wild pitch.  We thought her elbow was shattered. It sounded awful and she went down immediately.  Turns out she was fine.  That night I came home and ordered Kylie an elbow guard.  It came in the mail a few days later.  When she tried it on, she immediately began talking about how bulky it was.  When it came time for the next game, she was still complaining about the bulkiness.  I basically told her if she wanted to hit, she would wear the elbow guard.  End of story.....NOT!  Her first at bat, she had taken 3 balls.  Next pitch, she was hit!  I thought she was hit in the back...............NOPE!  Guess where she was hit???  Watch the video! :-)  Later on that same night we heard "HEADS UP!!"  A foul ball from another game came over their fence and bounced one time right in our dugout and hit Kylie........where????.......RIGHT IN THE ELBOW GUARD!!  TWICE in one night!! Needless to say, she didn't say anything else about how bulky it was! ;-)  We sure have had some good laughs over that one!
Kylie scores
Catcher's Interference............that's a first for her!
This one definitely was a fun hit! A bases loaded Double to keep us in the game!  We were down 6 to 2 and her RBI's made it 6 to 5!  However, she was left stranded on second and she lost her first game of the season 6 to 5 :-(

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