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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We are so thankful for all the lives that have been sacrificed in order for us to live in such a wonderful country where we can worship the Lord freely! 

We began the day by attending the local Memorial service downtown.
The service began with Color Guard, Pledge, Prayer, & National Anthem

Amazing Grace being played on the bagpipes

Kristen and David enjoying some shade!  Cute!

21 gun salute


partial view of the cemetery
Then, we headed to one of our local blueberry farms to do some picking! Yummy! They should've weighed us all before we went in!

trying to convince Kylie to eat even one is a chore!  crazy girl!

Aiden loved them w/ dirt on them!! :-)
Then it was on to the Nature park for a picnic, hike and fishing!!

a turtle enjoying some Little Ceasars pizza the kids threw him!! "Pizza Pizza!"

Aiden amazed at Mr. Gary's fish

Kristen showing how big her fish was

Kylie catches one!

"Please let me do it, Mommy!"

Aiden in jail! :-) 

"Hmmmmm!  What can I do w/ these??"

Aiden's Science project for the day!

a little bigger than the last one!

David reels one in for Kylie.  He and Kayla spent a good bit of their time catching minnows!
The catch of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were all sooooo excited when Kylie pulled this approx. 16" striped bass in.  He had to be 18" to keep, so we had to let him grow a little more.  She actually caught him using the small fish David reeled in!  Fun stuff!

So excited!
 Next, we headed home to make homemade ice cream, talk w/ Jim via Skype, play a game of wiffle ball (i don't really want to talk about who won), and find out we had newborn baby bunnies!! The kids were soooo excited!

Our newborns!  There are just two of them and they look like little pigs!  They are so so so sweet. The kids got to see how the mama bunny knew exactly what to do and how she used her own fur to make a nest for them.  Birth is such an exciting miracle from God!  It's just so exciting!

The mama (brown--"Nulla") and papa (white--"Bugs")!

Before supper, Kristen and David put on a Memorial Day puppet show.
We finished the evening by watching The League of Greatful Sons Video from Vision Forum and talking about the importance and meaning of Memorial Day. We had planned to make blueberry jam, but by the time we got to that we were all pretty tuckered out so that had to wait a couple of days.  We did make time to enjoy the ice cream we had made! Thank you Friedleins for spending the day with us and thank you to all our servicemen for protecting our freedoms!

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