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Monday, April 16, 2012

Softball 2012 Opening Day 4/14/12

I can't believe we never got around to blogging about softball last year, but I just could never keep up w/ it. I definitely want to do a highlights from last year post. But for now, we are starting fresh w/ this year.

On the videos:  they will play best (without skipping) if you let them load all the way first.  And, you can watch them in full screen as well.

Kristen coming out for opening ceremonies

Kylie coming out for opening ceremonies

The girls were asked to sing the National Anthem again for opening ceremonies.

the guy had to hold the mic for them because the sound system was going berserk!

Kristen played 2 games on Saturday. This hit she got a double!

Kristen's hit

My baby got a "triple"!!!!!!!!!  ;-)

Kylie's RBI

It was 5 to 2 for the longest time. Kylie kept us in the game w/ this hit.  It was 2 outs and we ended up winning 6 to 5.

It was a gorgeous day!  We were on the field off and on for 10 hours!  Whew! It was a long day, but a fun one! :-)

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