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Thursday, April 5, 2012

And yet we wonder...........

....why people who are placed under a godless education system filled w/ humanism and evolutionary teachings for 26,000 hours of their life turn out like this?!.  In reality, we shouldn't expect anything less. It's what is being pumped into them.

 Be sure to notice what the rapper had to say and the chant that followed.

The following is an atheist website. However, the two videos of what this man had to say were unbelievable. They are a little lengthy, but they need to be watched.  We are so sheltered sometimes.  We think because we live in the "Bible-belt" that no one really believes like this.  This is right here in NC (@ Ft. Bragg no less)!  Honestly, it can make you very angry at first, until you step back w/ a concern for their souls.  Then it becomes heartbreaking.  One has to wonder if there would have been the same number of attendees had all of their parents taught them God's Word using God's methods.  Yes, they still have that free will, but the number that was represented could've, without a doubt, been greatly diminished. Or, better yet, perhaps the event would have never taken place.?.
Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. It is our responsibility to teach that to our children.  This is what can happen when we leave that up to someone else.  This is very dear to our hearts.  We have a concern for our town, state, country, and world.  We urge anyone making these educational decisions to think seriously about the potential repercussions....for the sake of you, them, and for the sake of future generations.

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  1. Lord help us. A definite reason why we need to know WHAT we believe and WHY we believe it and then to teach them diligently...Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding for generations to come...