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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rest of Conference Photos

Definitely what drew us to this conference was the speakers they had lined up.  God has used these men through the last several years to be an example and help to Christian families as they disciple their children.  We have read, listened to, and used a lot of their material over the last year.  This conference definitely chose the "best of the best" when they asked these men to speak.  We were so fortunate that all of them agreed to come, and we could hear them all at once!

Kayla and Aiden enjoying our delicious deluxe breakfast!

Crazy kids!


I love this picture!  David & Kristen are going through the Vision Forum catalog in the motel deciding what they are going to buy with their money! :-) 
Hey!  We'd much rather them be picking out these type of items rather than stuff from a "Toys-r-Us" catalog!

Jenny & I were so excited when we walked out of one of the sessions and we had the chance to speak to Doug Phillips!  The kids got him to sign their books.

Thankful for how this man has allowed the Lord to use him as such a great influence to homeschool families.

enjoying some very quick Chick-fil-A before we do a little shopping around the vendor hall
One CANNOT imagine all the VENDORS!  It's overwhelming!  :-)

We were so disappointed Jim couldn't attend with us, but were thankful Jenny & the boys were able to be there.  Poor Jim has so much to read and listen to when he returns!! He'll probably come home to a mountain of books/cd's/movies/etc!  haha!

Voddie Baucham speaking

"are you smelling what I'm stepping in?" (one of Voddie's famous lines :)

Gary getting his books signed by Voddie

Thankful for how he boldly proclaims what the Bible says concerning the family!

It was so cool to meet Stephen Kendrick, the producer of Courageous!! He was so down to earth!  We purchased the movie while there so he could sign our copy.  He and his family homeschool as well.  Gary was able to attend a men's breakfast where he spoke on Courageous Fatherhood.

Here he is speaking

Stephen Kendrick and Doug Philips

Gary was thankful to have a few minutes one-on-one w/ Doug Phillips and pick his brain a bit.  He was so encouraging!

The kids were fabulous during the conference!  They were excited over it as we were!  Friday morning when they woke up they were like, "Yes! Sessions ALL day!"  I just started laughing and asked them why they were excited about being in sessions all day.  I mean, you just don't expect kids to be excited over that sort of thing!  Their reply was that they enjoyed reading, drawing, playing with Friedlein boys, listening to the speakers, and of course shopping all the vendor booths.  We are so pleased they enjoy being with other like-minded homeschoolers.  That's so encouraging for us as well....thousands of people walking amongst you that for the most part, take their Biblical responsibilities as parents seriously.
We were so proud of our girls and the "little Mamas" they were to Aiden.  They catered to his every need and enjoyed every minute of it!  One of the things that was so awesome about the conference is that in an auditorium that seats around 1800 or so, there are kids everywhere...........AND..........they are all being so well-behaved.  Plus, the adults were outnumbered by kids at least 3 to 1!!  There were infants just a few weeks old all the way up to teenagers.  And, most of these kids had been there all day!  It was exciting to see parents and children learning together!

Kristen entertaining Aiden
Our friends, the Cunninghams attended the conference as well.  We are so bummed we didn't get a photo with them.  We enjoyed visiting w/ them and enjoying meals, laughs, and fellowship together!  We are so excited for them as they begin homeschooling this year!
David and Kristen get their books signed by the  Creation Apologist, Ken Ham!  With all the "signatures" we got, we definitely took time to explain to the girls that we don't worship these men, but they are definitely the kind of heroes we want them to have.  We'd much rather them be excited over getting their books signed by these men rather than movie stars, Princesses, athletes, etc!

And this is how we ALL felt after the conference...........EXHAUSTED!  poor little guy!  he just passed out!

Seriously, it is like your brain is on overload!  We gain so much knowledge/information it is a good way of course! :-)  It took us a few days to recuperate for sure! ;-)  Now, we are charged and ready to put in practice the things we learned!

Love my new shirt!  If you haven't watched it yet, watch the documentary,  Indoctrination!  It is a MUST SEE for ALL parents/grandparents/etc!  A true eye-opener!  You will be floored!  We can't stress it enough that you need to watch it! They showed it like 3 times at the conference.

The girls enjoyed decorating the van for the trip.
We were all loaded up and ready to head home, and then we spot a  family w/ a flat tire!  It was fixed in no time though.

The infamous, "peach," in SC!  We won't say what this looks like! ;-)  The girls thought it was hysterical since they don't remember seeing it before.
We praise the Lord for a safe trip and are so thankful for the things He showed us while there! 
We've already been asked to type out our conference notes and we definitely plan to do that, so STAY TUNED! :-)


  1. Thank you so much for all you did for my family during the conference! It was such an amazing blessing for Jenny to have you there with her. Your girls are so amazing and so helpful with David and Aiden. It's very painful to be away for these special events, but I am confident where God has called me. I also know God has placed special people in our lives to support my family in my absence. Thank you! Keep the blog posts coming! Love, Jim

  2. It's an easy thing to help take care of folks that are like family to us! :-) We mean that sincerely! We are praying for you while you are away that the Lord will use you in a great way!