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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Homeschool Confrerence--DAY 1....March 14

The Teach Them Diligently Conference was so AWESOME!  We had a blast!  Our good friend Jenny described it well.  She said it was like:  "DISNEY WORLD FOR HOMESCHOOLERS!"  haha!  What an accurate description! :-)

We were so glad to be able to go earlier than what we did last year.  We were able to take our time and not have to drive on the roads in the wee hours of the morning.  Our first stop was South of the Border.  We used to love stopping there as kids.  It was so fun to go up in the big hat and get the cool (cheap, cheap, cheap) toys!  (Toys like, big pencils, back scratchers, travel bingo, invisible ink books, etc.!)

Even though she has been up in it before, this was the first time that Kristen remembered going to the top.

 The girls got these cute little boxing pens and animals that grow when you put them in the water.
a boxing match
 I, however, chose for my toy.....these BEAUTIFUL shades!  It was a blast waving at everyone and wearing them places....and of course, embarrassing the girls! :-)  Don't you think they are becoming?!?

 The next stop was the Bob Jones art gallery.  We went to the one on the BJU campus last year and the girls absolutely loved it.  Since they had one downtown, we decided to try that one.  It wasn't nearly as good as the on-campus one, but the play stage area was awesome!  The girls had a ball in there!

 Trying on these masks was one of our favorite parts.  We laughed hysterically at ourselves!
 Check out these monsters!
 This was probably our favorite mask!  Can you tell which girl is which?!?

 A lot of these props were made from Styrofoam.

 The girls putting on a production for us.
 The next place we ventured to, was the Falls on the Reedy Park in Greenville.  It was beautiful and the Lord blessed us w/ nearly 80 degree weather for the whole trip!  What a blessing

 The girls recognized this tree from some of the BJU programming we have recorded.  They were very excited to see it in person.  It was pretty impressive!

 Sadly, because of high levels of contamination, we couldn't even put our feet in! :-(
 Enjoying a beautiful day!

 I felt compelled, since we were parked on the hill beside an interstate, to wave at everyone and show off my new shades.  Hmmm, the girls are no where to be found in this photo!  They were probably still hiding in the tents they made in the van.   They made these tents to keep everyone from seeing them due to their overwhelming embarrassment from my waving at people down the road!  I didn't see what the big deal was! :-)
 Here we are eating at the Macaroni Grill for the first time.  Great food!
 We love "free" bread at restaurants!  ;-)

stay tuned for lots of exciting things for Day 2!


  1. This is Emily. We only live about 7 minutes from South of the Border the next time you come this way please let us know.

  2. Oh I know! We would've loved to have seen you guys! When we came through we knew we had just enough time to get to the museum before it closed and we came back a different way that didn't take us that way. But next time, we will have to plan ahead more! Love and miss y'all!! So good to hear from you!