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Monday, March 26, 2012

Homeschool Conference Day 2--Hollywild Zoo

On Thursday before the conference started, we went to the HOLLYWILD ZOO in Spartanburg.  It was great!  We all had a great time and the children loved it.  It has the name "hollywild" due to the fact that a lot of the animals have starred in commercials, movies, etc.  It didn't have the huge animals like elephants and giraffes, but one of the things we loved was the close interaction with the animals.  Most of them you could pet or feed and of course all of them loved that!  It was over 70 acres of animal habitat.  It was actually not open yet, but they allowed the conference folks to attend.  The bus safari ride was great and was full of "up close and personal" w/ some pretty cool animals.  We enjoyed learning about some of God's unique creations!

Kristen & David being silly!

I think all the kids would have fed the animals as much food as we could buy them!!

"Look, Mommy!"

Brave David

Gorgeous Day!




sweet smile

Kristen feeding the donkeys


David having fun


the 10 week old bear cubs were probably our favorite!! boy were they cute!!

Watching the baby animal show

"No! You can't make me!"

There ya go!
He wants a kiss, Kylie! :-)

this Holstein was HUGE!

Kylie tried many times to get this zebra to eat from her hand!

Taking it all in!

Boy, that sun is bright!

"I'm just not sure about all this!"

Safari ride

Kristen wanted to feed EVERY animal she could!

What happened, Kayla?

love this photo w/ the geese flying in the background
Enjoy some more great photos from the zoo on this smilebox!  It's scrapbook style so you'll have to click on each photo to see it large.
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We enjoyed a late lunch at a "famous" diner........the The Beacon!  We had eaten there about 15 years ago and wanted the girls to try it.  And trust us, when they say "a plenty".......THEY MEAN IT! 
They don't write down anything when you order.  They just holler out "Cheeseburger-a-plenty!"

waiting to dig in!

check out the "a-plenty"

"a-plenty" means onion rings and french fries piled SUPER high

Even Guy Fieri had been there!!! Check out this video when he was there!  That was pretty impressive.
Oh, and they are supposed to be famous for their sweet tea, but it was NOT good. 
It was way too "lemony!" 
We will stick w/ Bojangles and Smithfields for that department!

Now on to the Conference part..................STAY TUNED!

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