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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Conference Notes

Here are our notes combined.  We pray they will be a help and we hope they challenge each of you like they have us. There were so many sessions we didn't get to attend, but some dear friends purchased the entire mp3 cd of the conference for us and we can't wait for that to arrive!

Voddie Baucham on how to study the Bible:
*Know the Bible's storyline, divisions, types of literature, etc
*Read the WHOLE Bible
*Study the timeline
*Study Biblical Theology
*Mistakes made concerning the OT:  we think they are just principles to just dig out and find, Joseph is there because of the promised seed, it's not just about character's about CHRIST!, we assume it's irrelevant, we miss Christ altogether!
*Know the right questions: author, theological words, audience, literature, repeated words, broadest context, broader context, immediate context
*It's not about what it means to me.  No where in the Bible do we just go grab something.
*Make observations, interpretation, & application
*Have good study Bible, good software, Bible dictionary/encyclopedia, good lexical aids (he used an example of us trying to interpret Greek & Hebrew words.  He said think about our current language and in 1000 years someone tries to interpret the word "butterfly."  They take "butter" and interpret that.  Then they take "fly" and interpret that.  What do they come up with?  A stick of butter flying!!!  Be careful as you think you are interpreting Greek & Hebrew!), and know where the paragraphs begin and end.
*References used: I Tim. 2:15, Luke 24:22-27, John 5:46, John 1:45, Acts 8:34-36

Matt Freideman-Discipleship in the Home:
*Produce servants & ministers
*Be a person of holiness
*Go find the untouchables in your community
*"diligently" means "carve into" in the Hebrew; sieze the opportunities. We teach by things we do and don't do, by what we watch and don't watch, etc.
*Have a list of what you desire to have accomplished w/ your children by the time they are 18.  List beside each item what you must do to get them there.  Review the list often.
*References used:  Ex.19:6, Matt 4 &5, Deut. 6:4-9

Ken Ham-Relevance of Genesis in Today's World:
*What legacy are you passing on to the next generation
*We are losing that legacy----2/3 of kids from evangelical homes are walking away from the faith
*We are losing the fact that the Bible is the authority. Ps. 11:3, I Chron. 12:32, I Peter 2:15
*Do we understand the times?
*There's only 2 religions:  Start w/ God's Word & Starting w/ man's word!
*It's starting in the church--the culture is influencing and destroying the church.
*We need to start training them when they are born.
*Don't use the word "story" when teaching from the Bible.  Instead, use the words "an account of."  What do we think of when we hear story?  Something that's fiction or a lie.
*There's no neutral----either you are for or against!
*Most kids are being taught apologetics from their schools
*II Cor. 11:3- Satan will use the same tactic as he did w/ Eve....."Did God REALLY say ......?"
*It's a generational loss of authority.
*Hearts and minds change culture.  What are we giving our kids' hearts and minds to? Is. 58:12
*To know everything is to be God.  Just because we don't know everything, we don't change God's Word.
*Science has never "said" anything!  Scientists say things!
*Why do we just have New Testaments? You can't have the complete gospel if you don't know where sin came from and why we need a Savior.

Steven Kendrick:  Courageous Fatherhood & Lighting Your World:
*Start praying for a people group to change their ways--a group that you don't even know.
*He gave the illustration if he would disciple his children and they would disciple their children and so forth what the # of people would be in 10 generations.  1,048,576!! (and that doesn't include spouses!) That number is unbelievable and convicting! Then he said, and, then there's Jim Bob Duggar! That number was more than the current population!!!!!!!  We need to look at the bigger picture!  It's not just about us and our family.  We need to have a multi-generational vision that focuses on that what we are doing w/ our family is going to impact future generations!

Men Wanted For A Hazardous Journey-Doug Phillips:
*We don't realize how bad it is. I Cor. 16:13
*We are at war w/ God's creation order.
*Leaders actually lead.
*What do you believe and what are you going to fight for?
*Are you ok w/ good enough?  Choose, don't settle!
*Seek the Kingdom of God w/ every fiber of your being.
*Neh. 4:14

Multi-Generational Vision:  Voddie Baucham:
*There are good reasons and not good reasons to homeschool.
*Christians are OBLIGATED to give their children a Christian education according to God's Word!
*God  says much about education.
*Multi-Generational Problems: *Strained marriages/increasing divorce, *confused gender roles, *career driven children vs. family driven, *delayed marriages, *decreasing fertility rates
*We tend to make Jer. 29:11 for the here and now--it's a multi-generational promise
*Do you live in the here and now? Jer. 29:4-5, Jer. 29: 6-7
*Teaching your children your family's history shows them the providence of God.
*Don't communicate the here and now to your children.  Point them to a multi-generational vision.

How to Think Like a Christian- Doug Phillips:
*Before you start home education, you need to ask yourself- "What am I Doing and Way am I doing it?
*The Bible is very clear on the purpose of education and the methods of education.
*If the Bible says so much about fools (Proverbs), then why are we sending our kids to be taught by fools in secular schools & universities?
*Does a fish know he's wet?  We are submerged in a culture that no longer embraces Biblical truth.  We don't realize how our wolrdview has been poisoned.
*What if you were on a desserted island and all you had was the Bible?  Would you come up w/ allowing your children to be taught by pagans for 26,000 hours of their life?
* Life is short!  Don't play patty-cakes w/ people!  (This was one of my favorite statements!  So true!!)

Harvard or Heaven- Voddie Baucham:
*We feel like we are validated if we send our kids to university.
*If we are constantly trying to validate ourselves, then we don't have confidence in what we are doing.
*Marrying young- Mal. 2:14-15 Average age of people getting married: men-29; women-27.  The world says you have to have a career first.
*Families are going into debt to pay for college.  Luke 14:28-30
*Young families are delaying marriage and starting off in debt.
*An 18 yr. old says "I want to get married." We say, "you can't afford that."  Or they say, "I want to go to Harvard." And we say, "We'll find a way!"
*People measure success by whether or not their kid has an undergrad degree.
*We make regular trades "beneath" us, like our self-worth will be diminished.
*What are you preparing your children for?  Don't stay on the hamster wheel and keep doing what everyone else is doing.

Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends-the Malley family:
*Keep a clear conscience--past feuds need to be taken care of.  Often times it's the little things that ruin relationships.
*Learn to apply humility (overcome evil w/ good)
*The Amazing Weapon of Praise!!--Words are powerful; just a little bit of praise changes a person's attitute
*Respond properly to irritations:  -all irritations can be used to train; -it shows Christ; -see the needs of a person; -Look past the irritation (ask God to show you the bigger picture); -view it as a test from the Lord
*Instill a desire for close relationships
*Give one-on-one encouragment
*Be aware of the enemy attack
*Lead by example
*Protect from influences that destroy (influences that go against God's ways)
*Treat the family as a Ministry Team
*We have little instances every day that we can influence

Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview-Israel Wayne
*Everyone has a worldview
*More than knowing what our children "know", we need to know what they believe.
*We need to know why our beliefs are true.
*We  need to be able to articulate our beliefs. (written and oral communication)
*Live what we say we believe.
*There's no such thing as nuetrality.
*Why would you send your children into an institution where they are being lied to all the time.

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