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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentines Day 2012

Today was one filled with parties and more parties!  The action really began Monday night when the girls and I (daddy was the dishwasher...poor thing!) made a "Hogs-n-Kisses" cake for our homeschool group party. We began our Valentine's day with heart biscuits from Bojangles (thanks Nana & Papa) and then went to our homeschool co-op that we usually attend on Tuesdays.   We had 2 parties while there!  They were both filled with many Valentine's treats!  Then it was on to our homeschool group Valentine's party where we met at the library with approx. 50 kids!!!  It was a blast!  The girls always enjoy making their Valentine's boxes and Valentines for all their friends.  We had lots of yummy Valentine treats (the chocolate covered strawberries were wonderful!! of my most favorite desserts of all time!! I stopped counting at like 10! ;-), played balloon volleyball, and passed out Valentines.   After the clean up, the girls checked out some library books they had been wanting.  Then we made our way to take a few Valentines to some special widows and widower that we know.  We know how hard it must be to be without their Valentine so we wanted to let them know they were still thought of on this special day.  The girls spent the rest of the afternoon with  Mr. Donnie & Mrs. Sue while Gary and I enjoyed a meal together at Ribeyes.  The girls had a blast and especially enjoyed the KFC meal!  Thanks Mr. Donnie & Mrs. Sue for taking care of our sweeties and for sharing your Valentines Dinner with them!  We finished the night off with watching the Duggars...that's the longest we have watched regular tv in a while. Since new years we haven't watched more than probably 20 min. of regular tv. It's been nice not having it on, but we enjoyed it cause we love the Duggars! We are so very thankful for Christs' love.....the greatest love of all!!
this was soooo fun!  we didn't have a heart pan this large so we used a square pan and turned it diagonal.   we then used a circle pan and cut it in half to place on each side.  The nose is a cupcake.  All the black pieces were cut out from sugar sheets.  I love sugar sheets!!! They are expensive, but no so bad when you have a 50% off coupon from Michaels.  They are so easy!  You use an exacto knife to cut any shape you want. 

Kayla's Valentine's box... "I love Lucy" theme

Kylie's Valentine's box...."Mickey & Minnie" theme

Kristen's Valentine's box....she made a robot!  You could push on the pedal in the back and his mouth would open up!  Our little engineer!

So many delicious treats!  Check out the rose (strawberry) bouquet!  She used mint leaves for the greenery.

Friends Forever!! :-)
Filling our faces!

Hailey (Shandy! ;-) Paschal
What?  You don't cram your mouth this full??!?!

Aiden gets a taste of chocolate covered strawberries!  Actually, he was wearing most of it! ;-)

Balloon Volley Ball

so fun!
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! and Happy b-day to our good friend Keri who shares her b-day with Valentine's!!  We love you and hope you had a wonderful day!

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  1. Aw!! Thanks for the shout out!! We love you guys too!