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Monday, February 13, 2012

8 kids & counting! ;-)

This past weekend we had the privilege of having 8 kids in the house (counting our 3). We had a blast with the Friedlein boys, the Wehrman kiddos, and Hailey Paschal!  They were all so good!! We made homemade pizzas, played with toys, made a fort, played an fbi game,  rode the golf cart and played kick ball and soccer!  Both the 1 yr olds slept all night!! They both went down so well for naps and bedtime.  I explained to the girls that didn't just happen by accident and that getting a baby to go down like that takes a lot of work!  Great job Emma & Jenny! :-)  Thanks to all you parents for entrusting your children to us for the weekend.  We had a great time with them!  Thank you to my girls who were such big helpers and wonderful little "mothers."  You were really a blessing this weekend!





our finished pizzas....YUM!

Crazy kids!

check out this fort!

Kylie cackling at Kylie falling on the floor

playing the FBI game that Kayla made up for them

fun on the golf cart!
Aiden had a ball banging on these pans and making noise!! This little boy can have a sneaky and sweet face at the same time!  That takes talent!!

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  1. Wow! Fantastic time. You do have some great helpful hands there in your girls. Just adorable pictures!