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Friday, February 24, 2012

Hug your children tighter today

Yesterday this family lost 3 children in a house fire.  The details are so pitiful.  Our hearts are so heavy for them.  Just can't imagine.  Thankful they know WHO is in control.  They are a homeschooling family that definitely viewed children as a gift.  I believe he is a pastor.  Please pray for them.  You can read about them here & here.  I think they also have a facebook page for them.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mix/Match Day @ Homeschool co-op

crazy characters

silly hair
i just had to take this picture!  While we were sitting at snack time, I looked out the window and there was Kylie standing in a group of boys giving them instructions for tag or whatever they were playing.  It was so funny!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentines Day 2012

Today was one filled with parties and more parties!  The action really began Monday night when the girls and I (daddy was the dishwasher...poor thing!) made a "Hogs-n-Kisses" cake for our homeschool group party. We began our Valentine's day with heart biscuits from Bojangles (thanks Nana & Papa) and then went to our homeschool co-op that we usually attend on Tuesdays.   We had 2 parties while there!  They were both filled with many Valentine's treats!  Then it was on to our homeschool group Valentine's party where we met at the library with approx. 50 kids!!!  It was a blast!  The girls always enjoy making their Valentine's boxes and Valentines for all their friends.  We had lots of yummy Valentine treats (the chocolate covered strawberries were wonderful!! of my most favorite desserts of all time!! I stopped counting at like 10! ;-), played balloon volleyball, and passed out Valentines.   After the clean up, the girls checked out some library books they had been wanting.  Then we made our way to take a few Valentines to some special widows and widower that we know.  We know how hard it must be to be without their Valentine so we wanted to let them know they were still thought of on this special day.  The girls spent the rest of the afternoon with  Mr. Donnie & Mrs. Sue while Gary and I enjoyed a meal together at Ribeyes.  The girls had a blast and especially enjoyed the KFC meal!  Thanks Mr. Donnie & Mrs. Sue for taking care of our sweeties and for sharing your Valentines Dinner with them!  We finished the night off with watching the Duggars...that's the longest we have watched regular tv in a while. Since new years we haven't watched more than probably 20 min. of regular tv. It's been nice not having it on, but we enjoyed it cause we love the Duggars! We are so very thankful for Christs' love.....the greatest love of all!!
this was soooo fun!  we didn't have a heart pan this large so we used a square pan and turned it diagonal.   we then used a circle pan and cut it in half to place on each side.  The nose is a cupcake.  All the black pieces were cut out from sugar sheets.  I love sugar sheets!!! They are expensive, but no so bad when you have a 50% off coupon from Michaels.  They are so easy!  You use an exacto knife to cut any shape you want. 

Kayla's Valentine's box... "I love Lucy" theme

Kylie's Valentine's box...."Mickey & Minnie" theme

Kristen's Valentine's box....she made a robot!  You could push on the pedal in the back and his mouth would open up!  Our little engineer!

So many delicious treats!  Check out the rose (strawberry) bouquet!  She used mint leaves for the greenery.

Friends Forever!! :-)
Filling our faces!

Hailey (Shandy! ;-) Paschal
What?  You don't cram your mouth this full??!?!

Aiden gets a taste of chocolate covered strawberries!  Actually, he was wearing most of it! ;-)

Balloon Volley Ball

so fun!
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! and Happy b-day to our good friend Keri who shares her b-day with Valentine's!!  We love you and hope you had a wonderful day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

8 kids & counting! ;-)

This past weekend we had the privilege of having 8 kids in the house (counting our 3). We had a blast with the Friedlein boys, the Wehrman kiddos, and Hailey Paschal!  They were all so good!! We made homemade pizzas, played with toys, made a fort, played an fbi game,  rode the golf cart and played kick ball and soccer!  Both the 1 yr olds slept all night!! They both went down so well for naps and bedtime.  I explained to the girls that didn't just happen by accident and that getting a baby to go down like that takes a lot of work!  Great job Emma & Jenny! :-)  Thanks to all you parents for entrusting your children to us for the weekend.  We had a great time with them!  Thank you to my girls who were such big helpers and wonderful little "mothers."  You were really a blessing this weekend!





our finished pizzas....YUM!

Crazy kids!

check out this fort!

Kylie cackling at Kylie falling on the floor

playing the FBI game that Kayla made up for them

fun on the golf cart!
Aiden had a ball banging on these pans and making noise!! This little boy can have a sneaky and sweet face at the same time!  That takes talent!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What is a garlic clove??

Tonight someone in this house...(hint: not me and not the girls)...tried to make guacamole.  The recipe called for 2 avocados, onion, a garlic clove, lemon juice, etc.  So, that someone, asked me where the garlic was.  I told him where it was at in the refrigerator and went to teach Kristen a Bible lesson.  When I came back in the kitchen, he said it needed something.  He said it was hot.  "Hot??!!?," I asked.  There was nothing in it that should have been hot.  He (oops, didn't mean to type that pronoun) blamed it on the onion.  I tasted it and, whoa buddy!!  It WAS hot!  Way too much garlic!!! I asked how much garlic he put in and he (there's that pesky pronoun again!) replied with "one clove."  It hit me what had happened!! He put in this thinking it was "one" garlic clove!!!!!! hahahahaha!!  :-)
 just for anyone else who may not know....below is "one garlic clove!" ;-) and we didn't have guacamole tonight......maybe next time! hehe!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

This week in review

This past Sunday (Jan. 22nd) we were privileged to have Squire Parsons at our church. He did such a great job even though fighting lukemia. It was inspiring to see him still serving and praising the Lord during his sickness. His son was there also and sang several songs alongside him. Gary had met him once before when the college did a recording with him several years ago. I was so excited when they gave me his hymnbook of most every song he has ever written! Some of my favorites are: Beulah Land, The Greatest of All Miracles, That Very Moment (especially since I used to listen to Gary sing these two in the quartet ;-), Morning Light, Look to the Blood,  He Came to Me, The Master of the Sea (i love this one because my youth pastor, Bro. Fred Carraway always sang it), O What A Moment, and many more. The Lord has definitely used his talent over the years!!

We attended Aiden's 1yr b-day party Saturday.  He's one of the sweetest one-year-olds ever! The girls love making gifts.  Here is a teddy bear made out of jeans that Kayla made.

Lily Kate just turned 3 recently and Kayla made her this little purse out of jeans.  It turned out so cute and so fitting for a "miss priss!" ;-)

Lily Kate & Kylie---Buddies! :-)

Aiden the Ring Master

Kylie made this crocheted  blanket for Aiden.  He was so sweet with it!

I love my new juicer my parents gave me for Christmas!  Gary and I did a juice fast this past week thanks to inspiration from Brian.  Some days were easier than others, but we felt great.  We had already been juicing once a day, but we felt so great with even more fruits and veggies in our bodies.  It gives you so much energy....NATURAL energy!  I have never and will never drink a store-bought energy drink!  I think they are very dangerous.  Drinking a plate full like this is way more healthy than what you can buy at the store!  Could you consume all this at one setting??? Probably not....but you can sure drink it!!  Try it!  We have tried to be very health conscious this past year with switching a lot of our eating habits.  We plan to work even harder at being a better steward of our bodies.  The Bible has a lot to say about food believe it or not! Everything is so processed, fried,and full of yucky things for you !  I just don't think God intended for us to eat that way when he provided so many healthy things for us.  I have so much more I would like to say about eating habits, but don't have the time to type right now, but we are trying very hard in our household to eat in a way that is more pleasing to the Lord and in return we get to feel great!  I hope I instill that in my children while they are young.  I wish I could go back and re-wind the way we have eaten-----especially college days!!  Obviously, we can't do that so we will just press on from here and make changes accordingly!  Here are some things we have been doing for a while now and strive to do even more:  More fruits and veggies---raw!!, whole wheat everything, make from scratch whenever possible, not keeping soda or sweet tea in the house, make fresh juice or a smoothie every day possible, veggies in every dish whenever possible, and lots more!  It takes a lot of work, preparation and time, but the benefits are so worth it!

our "lunch" one day while juicing:  papaya, grapes, mushroom, kiwi, kale, romaine lettuce, lemon, oranges, tomato, jicama, ginger root, mint....YUMMY!
The girls sang Sunday night at church and we had one of our teen guys at church join us on the cello.  Kayla & Kylie played their violins, Kristen played the bells, & Gary and I played keyboard & piano.  They sang "Bow the Knee" so beautifully. 
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We were privileged once again this week for the girls to spend quality time with one of their great-grandmothers!  Gary's parents visited this week and they brought Granny with them.  We were very thankful to have several days in a row with her.  The girls had fun taking everyone on golf-cart rides and playing ping-pong and of course they had to serenade granny! :-)  We will cherish these days.
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