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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Look What We Got!! Woo hoo!

We finally replaced our van that we lost in the flood and we absolutely love it!!  We came across a great deal yesterday morning and drove to Raleigh to make the purchase.  Even though it was kinda scary making the decision all in one day, we feel like it was the right one.  We hadn't planned to use a dealership, but we got such a good deal once we got there, we couldn't pass it up.  We are thankful to the Lord for providing that!  It was well worth the wait!  Plus while we there we got a chance to share the gospel with the manager.  He took the tract, went to his office and read the whole thing, and then came back out and talked to us about it.  It didn't hurt that we were Yankees fans either!  He was an ex-NY cop!  Also, the guy who sold us the van had a real sweet testimony for the Lord and shared that with us.  It was a great experience.  We finished off the evening with a great meal with my parents and the Friedleins (who drove all the way to Goldsboro just to have dinner with us!! .......thanks guys!).
2007 Honda Odyssey

this color is my favorite odyssey color! 

love love love the power doors!

One of the things I love about it the most.........THE EXTRA SEAT!!

love the comfy's amazing how much more room there is than our mpv

it drives like a car

a blessing for sure!!


  1. love it...envious too (just a little). so thankful that God provided for you once again.

  2. That is so cool! Yay for a new van!

  3. Hi Melissa, congrats on the new van! I know how it feels, we waited for 3 years for another car and God provided at the right time! We went to Goldsboro recently and ate at Empire Fire Mongolian Grill. It was so good. I thought of you guys as I know you are from Goldsboro.

    1. Thanks Jacki ! My brother was telling me about that place...I wonder if it is as good asCrazy fire in raleigh?