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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dawn turns a year older today! Thirty something and getting closer to 40!

How long have we been together now? You ARE getting old! :) Are you sure we got the right one from the hospital? What... a girl... I'm not the baby anymore? Why is she crying? What is that smell? Why won't she just go to sleep... and stay that way for a few minutes?!?!?!?!?! (Glad I came first!)
Anyway, our lives have taken many turns and twists since we began in the 70's huh? Who knew when we were little, all the places we would see and the things we would experience. God has blessed us with wonderful families and tremendous opportunities to serve Him all along the way.
Watching your family cross the northern border to reach the unreached with the Gospel has been a joy knowing that you are where few others have dared to go. When you were 2, I probably would have paid to ship you there if I could have figured out how (they would have sent you back though, I'm sure!). Growing up, I certainly took for granted the gift of a sister, and I realize more than ever that the home is truly God-ordained. He put us together for a reason, and I know that reason was for me to "show you the ropes." Boy, did I fail. You were so uncooperative! You didn't sleep. You talked from day one. You always moved. You never did play baseball cards my way, and your baby doll games were pathetically boring... Oh well,  at least I had someone to beat at board games, ATARI, ping-pong, basketball, Monopoly, LIFE, SKIP-BO, UNO, and whatever else you dared to try. We all know I was the champion of all those and more. And think of the ducks, rabbits, hamsters, and dogs we had. How did you break your arm falling- what 2 feet? And, really? Calling mom before you called 911 when the house was on fire?.... What about the constant flow of friends as we got older. How many different ones did we have stay with us over the years? We had a great childhood with great parents and grand parents. God was and IS good!
Looking back over the whole "experience," we survived well and were good friends. I will never forget how excited you were for me when my dream of singing in the quartet came to fruition. You were probably dumb enough to think I was the best at everything. You bragged on me always, even when I didn't deserve being bragged on. You and I kinda remind me of Charlie Brown and his little sister. You were always talking and enjoying life, and many times all I could think was "Good Grief......" And I loved it!
Now, ??? years later, you have finally started becoming what I planned for you to be. Just kidding. No really. Seriously, I am proud of you and Danny and your beautiful family. Pride, in this case, is acceptable. Who needed a brother? I had you, and you were exactly what God wanted for me, and I wouldn't change it for anything. Thanks for being the best "Little Sister" in the world. Hope you have a Happy Birthday!
Love you,
Gary (Melissa, Kayla, Kylie, & Kristen)

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  1. Precious memories! What a sweet gift to give your sister. Thanks for sharing. We love you both so much! Mom and Dad