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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Junior Camp 2011~~~June 20-24th

Junior Camp (better known as "dirt camp") was a blast as always! For those of you who know us know we love camp!  Our church had not taken juniors to camp in a while so this was an exciting event.  The kids did so great all week!  We had so much fun with them and enjoyed watching them make decisions for Christ.
Camp Facts:
-Bro. Joey McReight directed the camp and did a great job as always
-Gary & I did the music
-Bro. Stephen Kimbrell preached great messages each day and evening
-The kids had a blast at rec and game time with Mark & Casey Neppel leading that
-The pool was under construction.....but we made up for it with water games and lake time!
-The theme was "The Unfinished Task." 
-We were privileged to take 7 kids with us this year. 
We so enjoyed our week.  Yes, it was hot and exhausting, but so worth it. We enjoy seeing God speak to young peoples' hearts.   They are so tender and willing which is an example to us as adults for sure. 
Camp Woodmen is especailly dear to my heart.  It is the place where I went to camp when I was a junior.  I remember vividly decisions I made while there.  I loved camp so good I never stopped going.  Even when I became a teenager, I would go as a teen counselor even though we had to wash dishes all week!  That was back when we did all the cooking and cleaning too! Counselors today have it made!! I went up until the time we got married.  I did take a break from it until our kids got old enough to go.  But as you can tell, I love it!So, yes it is neat that my kids can sleep in the same cabin (#2 Ted Newton) that I did, but it is even sweeter to see them make spiritaul decisions at the same place.  However, it's not about the place.  God can speak anywhere....anytime!
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