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Friday, July 15, 2011

Kristen Blaire turns 8!!

Kristen celebrated her 8th b-day June 10th with lots of precious family of friends.  She chose a Toy Story theme and dressed up like Jessie.  She made goodie bags using brown paper bags and yellow string.  The cakes she chose turned out so adorable.  I made Andy's bed using a large sheet cake and loaf pan.  The wood floor was done using a butter knife.  I covered the bed in blue fondant.  Fondant is a nightmare...just for the record!!  The bed design was done using a butter knife, along w/ fondant cut-outs of boots and stars.  Kristen's good friend, David, was sweet enough to let us borrow the toy-story characters.  They were just the perfect fit!  The cow print border was definitely a hit w/ Kristen!  That child loves her 'ol Pa!  Kayla made the headboard out of a thin piece of cardboard.  She did a fantastic job.  I covered it with icing and it was adorable!  The slinky dog was made using my pampered chef batter bowl.  I trimmed the bottoms off to make it flat and "starred" the body.  Kayla also made the tail out of craft wire and a pon-pom and the ears out of craft foam.  I opted to make the head out of rice-crispy treats so it wouldn't be weighty.  I secured it to the body w/ a skewer.  We used a real slinky cut to fit the size and he turned out so cute........that is........until I walked away and my mom screamed and said, "Melissa, the cake!"  My heart sank!  I walked back in the kitchen to find his head on the floor.  All that "starring" on that floor!  What do you do, but pick it back up and start over.  I grabbed it w/ both hands and held it so mama could trim more off the body.  It worked.  It was very secure at that point.  I went back to work and fixed it as much as I could.  Kristen loved them both and was so proud of them.   For games we played a Mr. Potato Head relay where the kids took turns putting the pieces in.  I also borrowed a real lasso and the kids played "Lasso Bullseye" with our wood rocking horse.  They also had fun playing "find the army men."  The kid who found the most won the prize.  Nana & Papa served hot dogs, chips, and a pretty watermelon fruit basket for supper.  Some of the children chose to come dressed up as toy story characters.  So many friends and family were there to celebrate Kristen's special day.  We celebrated with Nana, Papa, Uncle Keith, Ashley, the Billings, Hairs, Paynes, Friedleins, Wrights, Eliotts (via Skype), Wrights, Easons, Williams, Kuhns, Paschals, Tyndalls, Morans, Mema, Chelsea, & Lily Kate.  Kristen was so excited to have so many of those that are dear to her share in her Toy Story party that she planned for MONTHS!  :-)  For her actual birthday, June 12th, we started by pulling over on the side of the road at 8:37am on the way to church so we could give her a big kiss to celebrate her birth time.  After church, we went to Chuck-e-Cheese.  They treated her like royalty!  We enjoyed pizza and games galore!  Kristen was so hilarious when she thought the Chuck-e-Cheese was real and it was just a robot!  After she acquired an audience, she was quite got away with when I told her it wasn't real!! :-)  Finally, the real Chuck-E came out!  Kristen wanted to get something w/ some of her birthday money so we took her to Toys-r-Us.  After looking the whole store know....all the princess and girl toys known to man....guess what she chose? A camouflage remote control car!! A mac-daddy one!  We've had a blast w/ that thing!  We finished the night off at the Paynes w/ good friends.  We all had a wonderful time celebrating the life of our little 8 year old!  We love you, Kristen Blaire!!
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  1. Happy birthday Kristen!!! Thank you for all the pictures, Melissa. Wish we could've been there!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Kristen. We loved seeing y'all recently. (I spotted some William's girls in those pics. We love that family too!)