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Friday, July 22, 2011

Kristen Blaire Goodfellow's Birthday Memories 1yr-7yrs

June 12, 2003 @ 8:37 am is so very dear to our hearts.  The day you entered our lives was unforgettable.  We love celebrating that special day every year. ( We plan to post the story of your birth later on. ) We thank the Lord for the years He has blessed you with!  We are blessed beyond measure with your life.  You are the sweetest little thing and your personality blesses so many!  You have always been small for your age, but you are full of life!  You are a tremendous blessing and gift in our lives.  We love you so much, sweet baby!

For your First birthday, we had a pig-pickin' at Nana & Papa's house.  Because your nursery was done in Classic Pooh we chose that them for your party.  All the decorations were so pretty and a reflection of your room.  The cake was made by a lady at Faith church and you were so cute eating your own cake. Papa cooked an awesome pig and Nana fixed the trimmings.  You wore the same outfit that Kayla and Kylie wore at their first birthday party. It was a plaid pastel dress that matched the Classic Pooh colors so sweetly.   You absolutely loved your new tricycle from mommy and daddy.  What a special day!  You were such a sweet little one year old!

Second b-day:  Blues Clues theme........cake done by Walmart w/ your picture on it........mommy & daddy gave you a pool.  I can still hear you saying, "my pooooooool." (with that little nose wrinkled up :-)

Third b-day:  Dora the Explorer theme........I made the cake using a dora pan..........we played dora related games.  Everyone had maps and had to go through the different obstacles while watching out for Swiper!  You loved it!

Fourth b-day:  Veggie Tales theme......I made the cake by copying a design from a cake Kayla had when she was two.  The Bob cake was made using a ball pan.  I also made a veggie basket, a veggie car, and a veggie flower.  You thought it was so neat that they were edible.  We played a game similar to musical chairs (used laminated veggie tale characters), picking up the ducks (like at the fair) and had popcorn balls for snack. Mommy & Daddy gave you a kitchen that you absolutely LOVED!  It was the perfect size for you!  You LOVE LOVE to play cooking!  For your actual birthday we went camping at the New Bern Koa in our new tent.  It was so fun!  You girls had a blast!  We played checkers on the oversized playground board, went fishing, colored bags in the campground store, rode paddle boats, cooked hot dogs on the campfire, and played Monopoly by flashlight!  We all had an awesome time!

Fifth b-day:  You couldn't wait to have a COW party!  You love cows and there was no doubt what you wanted for the theme.  You wanted a cow costume so I made you one by mimicking a picture we picked out on the internet.  It was hard without a pattern, but it turned out so cute.  I made a farm cake using some of your farm toys, an iced cardboard barn, shredded wheat for hay, crushed graham crackers for the dirt, graham crackers for the shingles, a pretzel fence and hay trough, and there was even a cow "patty" in the grass (grandpa's idea!).  We topped it off with a "Purina" checked border in honor of Ol' Pa.  The second cake was a cow cake I mimicked from a photo you picked off the web.  We had Samantha dress up in the cow chick-fil-a costume and surprise you! I told you a real cow was coming to the party and we had to call it like Ol' Pa did.  So all the kids hollered "whoa-it, whoa, it."  You were elated!  All the kids tackled her when she came out and Mr. Mike had to help her up.  You helped me make a poster for the party decorated with pictures of Ol' Pa and his cows.  For your actual birthday, we took you to the cow sale in Selma where mema and ol' pa used to take me when I was little.  Mema and her sister, Aunt Louise, went with us.  You loved it!  Watching the cows come in and out and seeing them auctioned off was so neat for all of you girls and daddy that  had never seen it.  It brought back so many memories for me.  It hadn't changed one bit!  When we arrived mema recognized an older man at the door.  She told him she was Bobby Rhodes' wife and he immediately remembered Ol' Pa and started talking about him and memories of him being there.  That was so neat that even though he couldn't be there with us his memory still was.   I used to think the stadium seats in there were the neatest thing.  Everything was just as I had remembered.  I remember one time Ol' Pa telling me to go get the trailer for him and back it up to load the cows! I couldn't have been more than 13-14 maybe!  I said, "Me?"  He said, "Yeah, you!"  I said, "OK!"  I figured if he had enough confidence in me to do it then I could do it and I did!  I had driven the truck and trailer before in the pasture, but not with other vehicles around me!  It was a great day and we made some sweet memories.

Sixth b-day:  You were the prettiest little Belle princess ever!  That morning you accidentally went in your room and saw your set of bunkbeds mommy, daddy, nana & papa gave you while papa was putting them together.  Only papa got to see your face for the "first impression!"  You were sweet enough to reenact it for all of us later though! :-) You Stinker!  Papa worked so hard to get those built by your party day.  Before party time mommy & daddy presented you with a rose and made the big announcement that Princess Belle was coming to the party.  Everyone was waiting outside for you to come out.  Mommy rolled out the red carpet for you as you entered your kingdom to find a cardboard castle daddy had built and painted for you.  It was a big hit with you and all the other kids.  You helped me make a Belle cake with a barbie doll.  You also designed a big castle cake with "Belle" colors.  Also, I made a photo cake since we had some extra cake left.  For games, we played a rose petal game that the kids had to find.  They all had special numbers on them for prizes.  For your actual bday we went canoeing at Creekside Park.  It was so pretty back up in there!  You wore your crown and wanted to have a tea party on the canoe, so that we did! 

Seventh b-day:  Minnie Mouse theme.......I made a round tiered cake w/ Minnie decorations and accents on it.  Daddy made a cardboard mousehole for the kids to play in.  We also had a water balloon toss and played "minnie, minnie, where's your cheese?"  When you opened your Baby Alive doll from mommy and daddy, you were so very excited!! She cries, sleeps, pees, poops, burps, giggles, everything!  It was so cute watching you take her all around and show her off!  Your eyes are almost as big as hers you sweet thang!  It was absolutely hilarious that evening watching you, your sisters and cousins, feed her and change her diaper!  You even dropped her off in the church nursery the next morning! :-) (that was completely your idea!)  For your actual b-day, we went to Historic Bath, NC to tour the old homesites, etc.  You loved it!  They had a old-time well pump, little tractors, crafts, and more.  We enjoyed an air conditioned ferry ride on the way home.  Mommy and Daddy were so exhausted from the weekend, we fell asleep on the ferry and the guy who was running it came and woke us up in a hurry telling us to hurry up and move our van!! We were shocked that both of us had fallen asleep so soundly and didn't realize it.  We hardly knew where we were when we woke up!! Since our van was in the front of the line, no one else could move!  We were laughing hysterically at ourselves!  The guy didn't think it was as funny for some reason!  We ended the day at cow cafe' enjoying ice cream and playing on the toys. 

Your birthdays are filled with so much joy and shared by many family and friends.  Nana and Papa always provide the food you request.  And of course at 8:37 am, June 12, we are together as a family and we give you a big kiss!  We love you sweet Kristen and pray you always live a life that pleases your Creator!
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