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Thursday, July 28, 2011

~~Guess who leads our Pastor's Band??

When we first came to Freedom Way, we were asked to start a Pastor's Band.  We gladly said we would love to.  I desired for it to be more than just singing, I wanted to somehow incorporate a lesson time, but that was impossible for myself to do because of choir practice.  Kayla willingly accepted the responsibility and does a lesson with the children every Sun. night and then I go in and play the piano for her to lead the singing.  She leads the kids in and they begin our service every Sunday night.  We are so proud of her using her talents to teach others about the Lord Jesus.   She purchased these little finger puppets at a festival and the kids love it when she uses them.  I remember the first time Kayla sang in the Booster Band.  She was so scared.  The Patch kids were on the front row and they started laughing at some of the kids acting up.  For some reason, Kayla thought they were laughing at her so she put her little hands in front of her face.  It was quite pitiful.  Mrs. Kristie so sweetly picked her up and loved on her and after much coercion, she started singing in booster band willingly and has loved it ever since!  Now look at her!
 So proud of you, Kayla!
Kayla's first booster band

Amory, MS Feb. 2000

Kayla telling story...Hubert, NC 2011

Her story time and finger puppets

Some of our booster band kids
This first video is Kayla leading the booster band and the second is Kayla's first booster band....She's come along way, hasn't she?!?!!


  1. That is so sweet, I love it! We are so proud of you Kayla!

  2. Our precious little Kayla, now a precious young lady. We love you and are so proud of how you are allowing God to use you.