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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Honeymoon/Anniversary Photos~

As stated earlier, we recently celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.  We wanted to include our honeymoon photos as well as some anniversary pics through the years.  Our honeymoon was absolutely wonderful!  The week of June 1st-10th, 1996 was unforgettable!  We had a blast!  Here is a short re-cap of the places we went:

Day 1:  Florence SC (Ramada 173)  We will never forget the feeling we had when we drove away from the wedding.  The only word we can describe it is "WHEW!"  It was a wonderful wonderful day, but the feeling of knowing it was all completed was almost like a burden was lifted.  We had spent so much time planning and preparing it was a good feeling to know we could now be done with that and focus on each other and our new life together.

Day 2: Sunday, we drove farther south towards our final destination, but first we spent one night at Daytona Beach (Comfort Inn Oceanfront). It was a great room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and we saw our first sunrise as a married couple from our balcony.

Day 3: Monday morning we headed to Disney World for 5 nights and 6 days at the Port Orleans Resort. We were in room 4304, and it was so nice. We enjoyed the cleanliness and special touches that Disney is known for. We had a "heart shaped welcome basket" in recognition of our honeymoon, and the entire resort had a really nice atmosphere. We loved walking the paths by the river, sitting on the benches, and enjoying the beauty of the resort when we weren't in the parks. It was just an enjoyable time being together in the "Deep South Bayou" setting. We checked in to our room, and headed to the bus stop to spend the rest of the day in the Magic Kingdom. We tried to have people take our picture together with different "magical" backgrounds because we wanted as many memories of this trip as possible. We watched the afternoon MickeyMania parade and a great many attractions.

Day 4: EPCOT! Future World.  We also ate at a great Italian Restaurant in "Italy." ( Fine china, cloth napkins, and great food!)

Day 5: MGM Studios (now known as Hollywood Studios for those of you too young to remember!) -
Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones Stunt Show, Honey, I Shrunk the Audience! Beauty and the Beast (with a great pre-show where the "stage hands" accidentally ended up on stage as an incredible a capella quartet), Back Stage Tour, the Ace Ventura Detective Show, and the Toy Story parade that we thought was stupid (we hadn't seen the movie yet)! We also had a reservation at the Prime Time 50's Cafe' - a restaurant set up like homes of the 1950's where the waitresses acted like mom, the other people in the room were cousins, and you may get fed your vegetables by "mom" using the airplane method if you didn't eat them on your own. Quite fun! Melissa tasted green beans!

Day 6: EPCOT - we visited the World Showcase countries and then went to eat at the Contemporary Resort's Concourse Steak House, a meal included with our package! Appetizers, entree', and dessert! That night, we returned to EPCOT for the fireworks and laser show, and we ran into one of the families from our church (Faith). Mike Cordell, my teaching partner in the Jr. high school, and his family were on vacation! We had a picture made with them (shown in the video), and we actually saw them another time that week!........ It's a Small World After All....

Day 7: Friday we visited Discovery Island where many exotic animals were kept in a natural habitat! We also toured the Grand Floridian resort and took pictures of it and the wedding chapel. That afternoon, we spent about 30 minutes on a mini speed boat around the Seven Seas Lagoon (another extra that was part of the package). For supper that night, we returned to Epcot to eat at the Mexican Restaurant complete with an Aztec looking background, a Mexican street market, and a mariachi band! To end the evening, we rode the bus over to Downtown Disney for a quick meal and some window shopping. Melissa bought me a nice plaid polo with a Disney logo as a wedding present.

Day 8: Our last day in Disney, we started out by eating breakfast at the Coral Isle Cafe' in the Polynesian Resort. Melissa's breakfast fruit drink was call a Pink Lani - strawberry, orange, and other fruit! VERY GOOD! We had determined to "park hop" and revisit the things we enjoyed most, and we were joined by Christy Coleman  for the day. She lived about an hour west of Disney and had not been able to attend our wedding because her cousin was married the same day. So, she decided to spend a day with us. CRAZY DAY! I laughed at the 2 of them being silly all day. It's kinda crazy spending a day of your honeymoon with someone else, but we knew that would be the last chance to see her for a while and so we wanted to be able to spend some time with her.  She and Melissa sang "Beauty and the Beast" in high pitched voices while we rode the Tower of Terror!  We laughed so much!  That night, the last thing we did in Disney was watch the Main Street Light Parade, one of our favorites!

Day 9: Sea World - Shamu, the ski show, dolphins, seals & otters. penguins, and sharks! AND rain... we got soaked and we didn't care. An afternoon shower came through, but it did not dampen our spirits. We had a great day. That night we stayed at a Days Inn in Orlando in a family suite after going to the motel we had reservations at and figured out it was not what was expected!

Day 10: Our last day in Florida! Both of us had been to Florida/ Disney on other occasions, but this week was absolutely awesome! The 2 of us together with nothing pressing to do except enjoy our time together. Melissa was beautiful every day, and I was privileged to be with her, hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm, on our own!

              We went over to Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL and then to Daytona to take a tour of the speedway. One funny thing that happened that day -funny now that is- one of the automatic doors at Kennedy closed on Melissa as she walked through it, or INTO IT! Needless to say, it "knocked her a-winding" as she would say! She recovered from that in time to enjoy the tour and the IMAX! At Daytona, we saw Jeff Gordon testing on the track - FAST! Then into the transporter around the track and the infield until we almost drowned from the downpour! Before we left, we played in the arcade and raced on the Daytona simulator video game. Then it was northbound, in the rain. ONE MORE THING - our Mickey t-shirts that we bought at a fruit stand about 1 hour from the Georgia line at a fruit stand. If that had not taken place, I would have been in trouble. I promised her we would get matching shirts but refused to pay outrageous Orlando prices. The place had shirts that we liked and only 2 left - one in my size and one in hers! Happy Girl! We were on our way home. We reached our home in Pikeville in the wee hours of the morning, but we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. - Gary

Our honeymoon was the best ever!  We loved every day of it!  It was so wonderful to go places and be Mrs. Gary Goodfellow and know that we had absolutely no schedule.  We were together and on our own....Finally!  I collected bells at the time and Gary took me in a nice little shop on Main Street and bought me a crystal bell w/ a Mickey on top.  He had it engraved with the month and year. It was so pretty!  Those 10 days were so special. Gary did an awesome job at planning the trip and I loved it!  I loved being with my wonderful groom! ~Melissa

Our Anniversaries:
1st--1997--We had church that day and our final Patch performance of the year.  After that we went back to Florence, SC where we spent our first night of our honeymoon. 
2nd--1998--Gary surprised me w/ a trip to NYC for a combined anniversary/b-day/graduation from college gift.  We had an awesome time seeing the sights of New York!  We saw Phantom of the Opera,  2 Yankees Games, rode the ferry to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty,ate at an awesome Olive Garden, and toured NBC studios.
3rd--1999--Went to a favorite restaurant of ours...The Log Cabin in Smithfield, NC.
4th--2000--Enjoyed a couple of days at Bro. Jerry Atwell's lake house in MS. 
5th--2001--Spent the day and night in Beaufort, NC at the Pecan Tree Inn Bed and Breakfast.  Was so gorgeous.  We enjoyed a relaxing time of sitting on the porch playing checkers and a nice bike ride on the water front the next day.
6th--2002--Out to eat in MS while our good friend, Gaye, kept the girls.
7th--2003--Spent the evening at the Sheraton in New Bern.  Gorgeous room on the water.
8th--2004--Gary borrowed a convertible bug from a sweet lady in our church to take me out on.  We enjoyed a nice dinner and a ride on the ferry.
9th--2005--Walked around downtown and ate at Captain Ratty's in New Bern
10th--2006--Kylie had been in the hospital thanks to strep throat and scarlet fever! We had come home the day before and we felt she needed to stay at home and I wasn't about to leave her!  Gary fixed supper and we enjoyed the evening at home.
11th--2007--can't remember
12th--2008--Went back to Florence, SC and stayed in the same room and motel we stayed at on our first night of our honeymoon. (Motel had changed names...wasn't the Ramada anymore)
13th--2009--Back to Florence, SC.  Same room & Motel
14th--2010--Stayed at a nice Bed & Breakfast in Dunn, NC called the Simply Divine Bed and Breakfast.  The deluxe breakfast prepared for just us was awesome!
15th--2011--Sunset Beach, NC ....Sunset Inn Bed & Breakfast....PICTURES COMING SOON!
We have enjoyed our anniversaries celebrating our wedding day.  Gary always kisses me at 1:00pm (the time of our wedding :-)  Sometimes we will try to watch our wedding video as well.
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  1. Enjoyed the pictures. Watching the 2 of you grow up. Love you both.

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Shirley! Love you too! :)

  3. Loved all the pictures too!!! And on a sidenote, I've decided that from seeing old photos of you, Kylie looks the most like you.