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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Dear Daddy, Happy Father’s Day! Glad we are able to spend this special day together and I wanted to take time to let you know how much I appreciate the daddy you are to me and Little Keith. Looking at these pictures brings so much to my memory. I’m so thankful for all you have done and do for us as a father. Here are some memories that came to my mind that I am thankful for:::: you calling me Blossom, coaching my softball team while trying to teach us how to shuffle and get me to swing level!…and I remember when I got hit in the mouth with that line drive ball you were on the field in a split second!, and when I was the pitcher and I accidentally threw the ball straight up in the air, you came out there and told me to get some dirt on my hands, you making my Richard Petty costume for my pageant, you serving others even when it was inconvenient (like getting paint for people after you had gotten off work), watching the Christmas parades from the Motor Bearings upstairs window, for riding me in all the parades in those cool convertibles, for keeping things running….(like our 3-wheelers, 4 wheelers, cars, trucks, washing machine (even though you used a car belt), go-carts, everything!), for bringing us home candy nearly every day of our lives!! (i loved those little wax juice bottles!),  for carting me to all the pageants up and down the east coast (remember when the maids in Miami threw my expensive pageant dresses in trash bags because they thought we were checking out!! A “Smith Fit” (you know…head shaking and foot shaking) was sure thrown that night…the bad part…they couldn’t understand English!) also, this was after you had made a special trailer that matched the van to cart my dresses in!!!, for my mustang and all the work you did to get it ready…you made it special like none had ever seen before…glossy white with a hot pink stripe! It was gorgeous!! I loved it and I love watching the video of you painting it and how particular you were.  I also remember how you wouldn't let me drive it first.  You told me to get in the passenger seat because you wanted to show me something!  I thought, "hmmm."  We pulled out of the driveway and as soon as we turned on the road you floored it!!!  I told you that you were scaring me!  You said, "Good, that's what I wanted to do.  This is what it will do and I better never catch you doing this!", for teaching me to play golf….or at least trying!, for all the work you did around the house like mowing the grass that we never thanked you for or didn’t even know about, for dealing with our horses even when you didn’t like them and they didn’t like you….(I remember when I saw you flying through the air because Miss Grace had kicked you in the rump! That was your fault, though, cause you sneaked up behind her when she had gotten out of the fence!), you making me feed the horses because you were afraid of the wolf rats!, your love for cartoons, for building my awesome playhouse, for all the baby dolls you gave me at Christmas time, all the times on the boat and fishing….especially when I kept throwing my line and getting it hooked on the railroad tracks and post!! Haha!, laughing at you behind your back when you that blue fish bit you, cleaning up behind all those rabbits, putting all the toys together at Christmas and birthdays, spitting on White Webb’s car because he had been winning all the races, for giving me my pianos, for faithfully going to work every day to provide for us, for teaching me about faithfulness the way you stuck in the parts/paint/body work for so many years, for keeping all my vehicles running, for coming all the way to Mississippi even for my minor foot surgery, for sending me to FCA all those years and for sending me to Southeastern (I was so excited to be there I never thought about what it must have been like for you to leave me at college that night, for turning my bunk around at college so I could have a rail and not fall off (literally people…I was 18 years old and he walked in my college dorm room and saw the top bunk did not have a rail. He physically turned the whole bunkbed around so I would not fall off. I knew better than to argue with him. It was actually quite funny at the amount of people that came in my room and said “something’s different about your room…..umm…why is your bed backwards?” I would just answer, “Because my daddy wants me to have a rail!”) , for getting me a rug and 2 recliners in my dorm room (my room was the envy of all the other girls !), going to watch you race cars and go-carts on Saturday night, you calling Gary “george” at first, me telling grandma that my daddy “how knows to cook flat fries!”, me wanting you when mama was having little Keith…I vividly remember standing in Grandma and Grandaddy’s kitchen on a chair talking to you on the phone….I was all better after I talked to you, passing on your love for the Yankees, for never shaving off your mustache again after you shaved it off when I was four and I cried because you didn't look like my daddy!,  knowing what it is to be a hard worker, to know what it is to do things right ( I.E. to be curious over things!), for slipping me the $20 bills in my glove box (boy has that saved me more than once!), convincing you to drive all the way to New York to see the Yankees play w/ no tickets in hand!! hahaha, running the roads back and forth to come to New Bern and back to help us work on the house, skeet shooting w/ you on the cruise ship, and you still to this day saying, “Call me when you get there.” I have to admit sometimes it did aggravate me when I was a teenager, but now that I’m a parent I fully understand! I definitely inherited that protective nature over my children from you! For instance, I really don't care what people think of me when I dress one of my children up like they are going to fight Goliath just to play a game of softball! :-)
Some things I am NOT thankful for: that wretched green truck you used to pick me up from school in….HOW EMBARASSING!, your stinking feet and you throwing your socks at us all the time, and when you broke our Operation Game the day we got it because it scared you! :-) Just kidding!!
Gary’s first memory of you is seeing you on the high school sidewalk at 7 something in the morning with your finger pointing up at a guy who was giving me trouble my senior year (will remain nameless :-)! I remember that day vividly too………coming out from morning study hall with all my friends and seeing you telling him off! I was embarrassed somewhat, BUT, I never had any trouble out of him after that!! Thanks! Needless to say,,,,Gary was pretty afraid of you! Nothing like first impressions!! Haha!
I could keep going and going…and to try to sum up all that you are to our family doesn’t seem like enough to thank you for all you have done and have been to me. I don’t tell you enough, but I love you and am so thankful God chose to put us together as a family. I love being your little girl and I will always be “Daddy’s little girl!” I love you, Daddy!

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