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Thursday, June 30, 2011

**Anniversary Trip to Sunset Beach, NC**

Our 15th anniversary trip was wonderful! We went to Sunset Beach, NC.  It was beautiful!!  I had never even heard of it before.  It's just a tiny little island before you get to Myrtle Beach.  There wasn't even a restaurant or gas station on the island.  You had to go across the bridge to find anything like that.  We stayed one night at the most gorgeous bed and breakfast we have ever stayed at! It was called Sunset Inn.  When we got there the lady upgraded us to a grand room at no extra charge!! We stayed in the "Vesta" Room.  The room was named after the Blockade Runner “Vesta” which sank January 10, 1864 on her maiden voyage. Vesta, attempting to deliver Confederate supplies, shipwrecked and burned in the location of where the Sunset Beach Pier is today. Until the late 60’s, the remains of The Vesta were visible near the original Vesta Pier, appropriately named.My favorite part was the screened in porch.....especially when the sun was setting!  We had an awesome view of the sunset from our porch.   We enjoyed sitting out there talking and reminiscing about our wedding day.  We started the trip by mama picking up the girls on Tuesday evening. (This was the longest I had ever been away from the girls!)  Wednesday we headed on our way.  We stopped in Jacksonville to eat at our beloved Olive Garden.  We checked in our bed and breakfast a few hours later.  That evening we went to a restaurant called the Twin Lakes Restaurant.  It was overlooking the water and we really enjoyed sitting on the deck (except for the mosquitoes)!  We enjoyed breakfast the next morning sitting on our porch.  The other nights we stayed in a less expensive resort on the mainland.  We had so much fun on the beach!  Rarely do we get to enjoy the ocean because of the crowd.  Thankfully this beach is so underdeveloped we practically had a huge section all to ourselves.  Be sure to see pictures!  You won't believe it!  Their was nothing but sand dunes behind us.  For supper that night we went to a really nice place called the Parson's Table.  It's an old church they have turned into a restaurant.  The doors were over a hundred years old....beautiful!  The only bad thing about it was as soon as you walked into the doors of the old "church,"  there was the bar!  It was really pretty on the inside.  The food was delicious and I loved that they let me order off the kids menu! :-) Then the challenge of the trip came. We saw a sign for a glow-in-the-dark mini golf indoors. We found the place and the guy let us play for free because it was close to closing and there were only about 3 others there. We are both extremely competitive, so this was serious. I challenged Gary to a game, but despite my best efforts to make special rules along the way, I still came up a few strokes short! He won 61 to 55 after 2 rounds.  The next day we went back to the beach to enjoy the gorgeous weather.  When we got back to our room we realized something HILARIOUS!  I had put sunscreen on Gary's chest and back at the beach.  Little did I know that I did it so quickly that I didn't rub it in good and it was expired!! He looked I had drawn circles on him!! hahaha It was so funny! :-)  For supper we ate at a really good place called Crabby Oddwaters! That IS the name, and the food was good....all caught fresh and brought right up to the restaurant.   We then went back to the beach to walk.  It was so pretty and peaceful out there!  There is only one pier on the island, and we went fishing late at night on Friday.  We had the whole pier to ourselves!  It was awesome.  We didn't catch anything, but it was fun. Saturday was one more trip to the beach before heading home. Our resort had a pool/workout facility that we could use until 7PM, so we showered and headed over one island north to Ocean Isle and a restaurant called the Isles Restaurant! Our table was on the balcony looking at the Atlantic Ocean. Combined with a nice breeze, beautiful water, great food, and wonderful atmosphere, it was a super place to spend with someone special. We had gator bites, flounder, fries, and hush puppies (along with Gary's grilled salmon - Not quite as good as Seattle's, Brian & Keri). After eating early, we headed to Goldsboro to pick up the girls (the dog and the rabbits too - thanks to my parents and their mini zoo) and then on to Goose Creek. It was an absolute wonderful time together to celebrate 15 years, and we hope to go again soon!
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  1. Wait.... actual Alligator?

  2. Yes! Not much different than chicken!

  3. Aww, how sweet and you look great Melissa! Love the song choices... brings back memories! :) -Shanna