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Friday, May 20, 2011

A Sad, Sad Night! :-(

If you watched the slide show of  our day at the farm field trip, you know Kristen came home w/ a bunny. She loved it so! She literally would turn the bunny over on its back and rock it like a baby!  The bunny didn't care.  It would go right to sleep.  She constantly played with it all during the day!  We took it everywhere with us.  All of us just thought it was the sweetest little thing!! BUT, Sunday, we decided to not take it with us to church.  We came home Sunday evening and found it deceased. :-(  Kristen was so pitiful!  She just cried and cried.  Well, we all did.  We just felt so bad for her.  She was the sweetest little mama to it.  It was pitiful to see her little heart hurt.  We were sad about not having the little bunny around too.  She named it MaKenzie and took such good care of it.  It would just run and play all over the kitchen floor with sweet to watch!  Once she calmed down some, she just sat in my lap.  She asked me to go touch it to make sure it wasn't just sleeping.  I told her Daddy would make sure.  Gary went to go bury it and she asked me if she could watch.  I told her she could.  She ran outside and helped Gary.  When she came back in she cried some more and then she asked the question, "Mommy, if we move, can we dig it up and take it with us?"  It was a great opportunity to talk about life and death and the difference between humans and animals.  I also shared with her again what an absolute miracle it was for Jesus to be raised from the dead!  I told her if I could make her bunny come back to life I would but I did not have the power to do that.  Jesus was just as "dead" as her bunny and He DID come back to life.  That was amazing to her!  It's amazing to me!  It was a tough night but she's ok now.  She's so tenderhearted.  Oh, and we were also raising a tadpole as a science project that she bought at the homeschool conference.  It had been doing great!  We had already observed that the little "arms" had come out of it's body.  It was eating great, BUT, we came home Tuesday night to find it...... dead! AGHHH!  No tears were shed for that one, but we were thoroughly enjoying watching the changes take place!  Now Kristen wants another bunny.  I've already tried to prepare her that it could happen again, but I sure hope not!  Here are some bunny memories:
This is how the bunny would sleep on its back

Are you crying yet?!?! :-(

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  1. Sad! But what a great opportunity to remind her about the great sacrifice our Savior made! Love you all!