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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Karolina girl

For those of you who don’t know, we have a dog named Karolina (had to spell it w/ a “K” of course) that is THE most hyper dog known to man! I will not even waste time typing all the crazy stuff she has done! She is a 4yr old Lab that we do love in spite of her many many faults! She had surgery this past Tuesday (may 10th). She had a tumor removed. The tumor was about the size of a 50 cent piece so when they brought her out to us we were shocked at the size gash she had on her side. It's like 7" or so!  They had to remove a large section to make sure they got it all. She should be good to go after this. I sure hope so. She was quite pitiful Tuesday. She was so sedated she didn’t know where she was and she did NOT want me or Gary out of her sight. She just whimpered and whined after Gary when he would leave. He slept on the floor beside her w/ his hand on her till 1:00 am.   They gave us sedation pills and they worked the first day,,,,but,,,,guess what?? They are NOT working very much anymore! We are not surprised! I keep yelling at her telling her to lay down and act like she’s sedated! (will cost more $ if she rips a stitch!) Dumb dog! It was so funny when I went to pick her up at the vet! You see, they haven’t seen me in a couple of years because I vowed I would never take her again! The last time I took her she acted like a complete idiot and I told Gary if she ever wanted to see a vet again….he would be the one to take her! So, he has taken her for me. She has made a name for herself there. Everyone knows how hyper Karolina is! She takes the technicians surfing when it’s time to go in the rooms! Well, when I got there, the girl behind the counter looked me over (like elevator eyes) and said, “You can handle Karolina?” I didn’t know whether to be offended because she was calling me scrawny or to bust out laughing! I opted to bust out laughing! She said, “That dog is crazy!” I said, “I know!” I told her the only reason I agreed to pick her up is because I knew she would be heavily sedated! Haha I did feel so sorry for her Tuesday….was a pitiful site! Here are a couple of pics of our sick “baby.”  Sorry, these pics weren’t smile box worthy! J