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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Homeschool Conference Notes

A few weeks ago we shared what a blessing the homeschool conference was for us.  We wanted to share some of our notes we took during that weekend.  We decided not to write down everyone's outline and so forth.  We knew we would get home and not really remember what was being said.  So, we wrote down certain statements that were relevant to us, interesting, needful, convicting, etc.  They will be very random because they are from several different sessions.  We are posting them so hopefully they will be a reminder for us and maybe an encouragement to others.  Again, if you ever get the chance to go to one....GO! It was so refreshing!

**We are raising a generation of young girls who think their value lies in what they look like, not what, or who they are.
**What is this culture making me??
**Christians should not mimic culture---they should change it.
**We buy into the culture that things are ok.  What is the foundation of your existence? 
**By what story are we living our lives?
**We never Not have entertainment....we are amusing ourselves to death.  Everything is sensualized!
**Use this question w/ your kids:  "What do you mean by that"?  Make them give you their definition because it might be different than yours!  For instance, "Daddy, I love this boy!"  "Well, sweetheart, What do you mean by love and secondly what do you mean by boy?"  Love this illustration!  Very relevant in today's society.
**Ideas and images come at us so fast, we don't think.  Be still and know that I am God.
**If you live your life through entertainment, your definitions and world view will be wrong.   (Even Christian romance novels sometimes give us improper views of love!)
**Teach your children to contend for the faith: I Peter 3:15.
**Our Bible curriculums are sometimes full of just stories, not apologetics.  It's not a "story."  It's an "account of."  We are not teaching them to defend their faith.
**Our world is becoming neutral concerning abortion, homosexuality, etc.
**Pray & fast for your kids.
**We have given up our starting point--even in our churches.  Our starting point has to be God's Word concerning everything.
**We are obsessed w/ making them obey w/out listening to the needs of the heart.
**Don't teach your children to go immediately to an opinion before getting the facts.
**Parent for the long term--not short term.
**Children need to hear the beating of my heart and not the beating of my words. Don't provoke.
**Set boundaries of how you will respond before you set boundaries for your kids.  They do what you do. Most actions are caught, not taught.
**Does your home create unity?
**Sitting in front of curriculum is the least important part of homeschooling.
**The greatest goal should not be to get through the curriculum.
**We live in a generation that is unable to sit in a meaningful way.
**Tables vs Televisions:  Our homes are entertainment centers instead of a place for discipleship.
**We are too busy and too distracted.  Purpose to prioritize the right things.
**The most beautiful blessings are looking you in the eye and you're not looking back. Take the time to know the face of your children.  We learn a lot when we take the time.
**When things look tough, think about perspective!!
**Think about countries w/ no Bibles and we don't even open ours up to read them!
**It isn't about the big accomplishments that everyone sees.
**Study w/ your kids.

Again, they are random thoughts, but meaningful to say the least when you take the time to ponder on EACH one.  We encourage you to stop and take thought for each statement---meditate on them.  They are not only relevant for "homeschoolers," but for every family.  Hope you are encouraged as we were to make our home more what God wants it to be.

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