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Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Spiritual B-day Kylie!

May 13th Kylie celebrated her 4th "Spiritual" B-day.  I remember that day so well!  Not only was it my b-day, & Mother's Day, but most important, Kylie realized her need of a Savior.  What a special day!   Kylie had asked many questions prior to this day and we knew she was ready.  It was just a matter of time for her to take that step.  My friend, Michelle and I, had a conversation the previous week about our kids and we were talking about our kids and salvation.  I knew Michelle was a children's church worker so I asked her to be alert w/ Kylie because I knew she was getting close.  I told her if at all possible Gary & I wanted the opportunity to pray w/ our kids for salvation.  She thankfully paid close attention to my desire and when Kylie went forward in the invitation that Sunday morning she went to pray w/ Kylie and ask her what her reason for coming was.  Kylie expressed that she wanted to get saved.  Michelle walked her over to Gary's office and motioned for me and Gary to come out of the service.  (Thankfully, we sat right by the door and saw her immediately.)  To be honest, my first thought was that something was wrong.  We later learned other people thought the same thing when Gary & I both got up in the middle of service! :-)  We met Kylie in Gary's office and she told us what was going on.  We asked her questions to make sure she understood and had prayer with her.  Michelle had shared Scripture with her as well.  The sweet look on her face and that contagious smile was overwhelming.  She was so happy she had decided to become a child of God.  We were and are so proud of her! (turn your speakers on...this is her singing in the background)
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