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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Ma

Ma, Sorry we can't be together on this Mother's Day, but I wanted to send you a note of thanks for all you do and have done for me and Little Keith.  As I was reflecting on these pictures my mind began to go to things I was thankful for about you.  Here are some of the things I thought of.  Thank you for:::
-teaching me to stand up for what I believed in -for all the special days, like my birthdays, graduations, wedding, etc. I know it took so much time, effort and preparation that I never saw  -taking me out of that daycare and sending me to FCA -for sending me to Southeastern -staying up all night to make my poodle skirt (I won the best dressed 50's girl w/ that!!) -letting us stay home from school sometimes just cause we didn't want to go -all the time spent dealing w/ our horses (picking them out, finding all the matching tack & making me denim culottes w/ stars along the sides to show my horse at the fair)-shopping with me for all the baby stuff and baby clothes -for going on so many field trips (even when the boys in my class were laughing at the monkeys mating and you got mad! haha) -for all the preparation, time and effort you spent with all the modeling classes, clogging lessons, pageants, all the outfits that were involved w/ all that, etc -cheering us on whether it be piano, pageants, racing, going back and forth to ballgames, cheerleading, etc. -for teaching me to care for others (I remember several times going to Hardees when we were little and you getting the homeless man downtown a biscuit) -getting my baby grand, the camry, and our van -helping us get our house! -bringing us so many groceries -for all the meals you have fixed -for doing all the work on my wedding reception -for making so many homemade biscuits.............I know I could keep going and going and that little summary doesn't seem adequate and definitely doesn't do justice to all that went in to those things I listed.  I really am thankful for who you are to me and our family.  I don't say it enough, but I do love you and am thankful for how you have given of yourself, for the influence you have been and for the love you have shown to us.  I'm thankful God chose to put us together.  Love, Bunker Hill
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