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Friday, May 6, 2011

HAPPY B-Day Little Keith!

Little Keith,
I wanted to take a moment to wish you a happy birthday.  Before we were ever born, God had a plan and knew he would place the two of us in the same home...isn't that cool?!?!  I'm thankful you are my brother and for the memories that we've shared.  I tell the girls sometimes, "you better enjoy playing with your sisters because there will come a time when that won't take place every day."  I enjoyed playing together when we were little....well, most of the time :-).  Here are some random memories I have with you:  playing in the pool, riding 3-wheelers (sorry you wrecked that time...but it was your fault cause you weren't paying attention to our made-up signals!), how we didn't have radios on our 3-wheelers so we would sing while riding round and round in the back yard (we sang "What's love got to do w/ it?" haha), making you play school and babies, pinching you at grandmas when you were still in the carrier cause I knew I could get away w/ it there(sorry! that was so mean), you pooping in the bathtub while i was in there with you (i have pics of that too! buzzard!), eating freeze pops by the thousands, thinking you were exaggerating when you cut your finger with the pocket knife (oops..sorry, again), having to walk you into to school so you wouldn't cry after mama, you waking everyone up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, you saying "I want" a lot, making you sign contracts because you would always quit while we were in the middle of playing something, threatening you with telling mama you called me a fool for,,,well,,,years, wasn't it?, everyone telling us we looked alike, sharing our b-day parties together, you shut the record player down on my "the little train that could" record and cracked it in half! (still bitter over that one), how you could eat all the candy you wanted and never have a cavity,watching wrestling and then mimicking it (remember, hands folded, now alternate counts..1...2...3...4..go!), eating a bunch of cereal and milk in the cold garage to make ourselves sick so we wouldn't have to get our progress reports stupid!, talking to you about girls ( i remember a girl telling me I needed to butt out of y'alls business and then I just laughed in her face and told her you were my're welcome), taping up a naked baby picture of you on the front door when a girl was supposed to be coming over (aren't you scared of this smilebox?? hehe!), going to hardees after school, before school, or whenever we thought was necessary, backing into your truck and you saying, "well, it's ok.", riding jet skis for hours, you not letting me drive home when it snowed at college so you took me home, during my wedding when I happened to look over at you during a song and you were crying (boy, i wasn't prepared for that...I had prepared myself for daddy to be upset, but not you...thanks for ruining my makeup!...seriously, i was so wrapped up in all my planning and details, it never dawned on me how it would affect you), jumping up like an idiot in front of the tv cameras when you won that race (hahaha..i so need to put that on this blog), that you still call me sister to this very day (I knew you were really mad if you ever called me Melissa), I could go on and on!  Thanks for the brother you have been to me and for the uncle you are to my girls.  I'm thankful God put us together and for the life He has blessed you with.  I love you, Sister.  Happy Birthday, dummy!
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