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Monday, May 30, 2011

Girls & Gary Sing National Anthem....UNEXPECTED!

Friday & Saturday we were selling handbags at the Fossil Festival in Aurora. We had met the man in charge of the festival and talked to him quite a bit.....nice guy! He was walking by us to go do the "opening ceremonies" and said jokingly, "y'all want to sing?" Gary said, "If you want us to." It took him a minute to realize he was being serious. The guy told us to come on because he needed them right then. But, we had a problem! Kylie was all the way at the end of the street with my mom getting a hamburger. I ran to get her (i.e. running hard screaming her name trying to get her attention!). She finally noticed me and came running towards me. She immediately was nervous about the alto part because she hadn't sang it since April. We literally were singing the alto part of the National Anthem (a capella) while running back to the stage! (Wonder what people were thinking?!?! ha ha) We see Gary bowing his head because they are praying. He motioned for us to run harder! WHEW! I'm out of breath just thinking about it! We got there just in time as the man said AMEN! Poor Kylie! I know she was out of breath, but she did a great job. We were proud of all of them! They love to sing!!
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fossil museum
lawn mower pull......AWESOME


our favorite float....the piggly wiggly float

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