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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birthday Party Ideas

Our kids birthdays are coming up and we are currently planning for Kristen's 8th b-day party!  WOW! Time flies! We try to make our girls' b-days as special as possible.  They are so special to us and we try to show them that by making their b-days a big deal each and every year.  Think about what a birthday is!  It's a celebration of their life....a blessing from the Lord!  So much focus is placed on children at Easter and Christmas.  We try our best to NOT do that.  We use their b-day and b-day party for that.  It's their special day and we have a great time!  I've had lots of folks ask me in the past, "Where do you get your party ideas from?"  Well, I would love to say that they were all original....but,,,that would not be true! :-)  One of my absolute favorite sites is They have the BEST ideas.  What I do is once one of the girls chooses their theme, I will get on that site and skim through every idea relating to that theme.  I take all the ones I like and compile them into invitations, parties, games, etc.  It is also a wonderful place that always sparks ideas of your own as well.....gets the ball rolling so to speak! We love their parties and have special memories from each one.  We have an absolute ball planning and preparing!  Also, something else we have done each year is that on their actual b-day, at the time of their birth, we make sure the 5 of us are together to hug & kiss whoever's bday we are celebrating.  That exact time is so special to me.  That is the  time the Lord blessed me with that little bundle and I remember their births so vividly.  Always on that special day the 5 of us go out alone and do something special.  (The only hard part is Kayla's bday because her birth time is it has been in church before!  We watch the time and lean over and give her a little hug and go back to listening! :-)  However, if their bday is on Sunday, we still will do something special on that afternoon with just our family.)  We allow them to choose (w/in reason of course) what they would like to do.  So, a lot goes in to planning for their bdays, but it is so worth it.  They love every minute of it and they are worth all the effort spent.  So, I just wanted to share that site with you.  Maybe it can be a help to you!

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  1. I love birthday parties! What a special time to celebrate our kids! I am already having fun planning Kenley's 2nd birthday!!