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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Memories

Easter is full of memories for us.  Here are memories from 1995-2010.  This will be great for those of you who would like to see what our girls looked like when they were babies! If your children are small and you blog, be thankful you've started so early.  We are playing "catch-up!"  This years' easter post will be coming after this.  We love looking at how each of us have changed through the years.  It was fun putting this together....ENJOY!
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**Please pray for this fellow Homeschool Family

**Click on the link below to read about a family that needs much prayer.  There's been so much devestation to so many, some we know.  Please pray for all families involved.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kristen's Spiritual B-day 4-12

APRIL 12th was Kristen's spiritual b-day.  What an important day!  Kristen was saved on Easter Sunday 2009.  She went to the altar in Children's Church and Mrs. Billie Woolard prayed with her.  When church was over she came running up to us and told us she had been saved.  We were so thankful.  Gary and I took her in the choir room to ask her some questions.  We wanted to make sure she understood everything and have prayer with her.  It was such a special time. The blessing of knowing all of our children knew the Lord was indescribable.  She had been asking questions weeks prior to that.  We knew she was getting close.  On a humorous note, the year before that, when she was four, she started sitting in "big church" on Sun. nights.  The first time we had communion we left Kristen to sit with our good friends, the Ronks.  We neglected to fully explain what communion was and what would take place.  She had never seen it before.  Well, by the time I realized it, it was too late.  Gary and I are on stage during communion and I couldn't get to her.  Poor Keri was left to do the explaining and comforting because Kristen was so upset that she couldn't have any "snack" when everyone else could!!  She was still crying after the service so I immediately went to her and tried to explain that you had to be saved to take part in communion.  She said, "Mommy, I want to get saved."  I knew she wasn't ready....she just wanted some snack!! I'm so thankful that after several months she truly realized her need of a Savior!  She was so bold after she got saved.  She was telling EVERYONE!  Family, friends, church family....Everyone!  We were at Maurices in the mall the next week and when I was checking out, she was tugging at me trying to get my attention.  I leaned down to ask her what she needed and she said, "Tell 'em, Mommy." I said, "Tell 'em what, baby?"  She said "Tell 'em I got saved!"  Well, my first thought was wonder what these two ladies are going to think??  I knew, however, it was important to her and it was a way to be a witness, so I proceeded to tell the ladies about her salvation.  I didn't know what they would think, but they BOTH congratulated her very excitedly and told us they were Christians too.  I pray her boldness never ceases!  I love her little testimony!  Her thing right now is if anyone says something that's outrageous she'll say, "But if God wanted it to, it could happen!"  She knows with God ALL things are possible!  Enjoy these pics and videos....this is actually her singing in the background. Oh, and notice her little foot flying up during her baptism video...funny! Happy Spiritual B-day Sweetie! 
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Gary had the opportunity to sing at Southeastern's tribute to Mrs. Dolly last week.  Thought you might enjoy video from that. 
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Girls & Gary Sing National Anthem for Opening Day of Softball!

The girls and Gary were asked to sing the National Anthem at our opening day for softball this year.  Kylie was sick the week before and was unable to practice very much...hard to sing with a stuffy nose and coughing.  We literally did not practice her harmony part until Friday before we sang.  (Pardon the video skills...1) IT WAS FREEZING...the girls teeth were chattering right before they sang! 2) i was trying to hold my camera as well as the video camera!) I was really proud of them!  The president of Babe Ruth in New Bern called Gary a couple days later and asked if they would sing for the State Tournament! Both Kristen and Kylie's teams won!  Woo hoo! It was a fun day! Click full screen...Speakers on! :)
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Monday, April 11, 2011

So, what is so special about April 8th?

The answer is:  It's the anniversary of mine & Gary's first date! That would be April 8, 1994.

 The first time I ever saw Gary was at our school retreat at Lake Waccamaw.  I was in the 9th grade.  He was a sophomore in college.  I remember some of my friends coming outside and literally grabbing me and pulling me telling me I had to come see these good-looking guys in Southeastern's quartet! Of course, I willingly went.  They were up front practicing.  I literally stopped dead in my tracks and Gary was the only one I saw.  His blue eyes stuck out to me right from the start.  I just stood there and stared. I watched his eyes, listened to his awesome voice, and smiled at the cute way he did his mouth when he sang, the rest of the weekend!   From that moment I had the biggest crush on him, but surely never thought we would end up together!  I mean, he was in college and I was in...9th grade!  Every time the quartet would be around us or come sing at Faith church or anything, everyone would pick on me so bad!  They would say, "Melissa, there's Gary Goodfellow!"  They tried to embarrass me so many times.  I was always so afraid he would hear them!!  There's a song, "You had me from Hello."  I guess that about sums it up. 
Two and a half years later he came to interview to teach at our school the day my class was decorating for Jr. Sr. I actually was in the fellowship hall that afternoon practicing my piano recital piece (Dino's Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee).  To my surprise he walked up and spoke his first words ever to me:  "Let me show you how it's done!"  After the shock of him speaking to me, I thought to myself..."you can't play this song."  I moved off the piano bench and said something like, "see if you can then."  I even provided him the music. He proceeded to sit down and play the fire out of the song...without using the music!  He had actually played the same song for recital in highschool, but didn't tell me that before he started!!!!!  I couldn't believe it.  It sure wasn't a song you just pick up and play!  We laughed about it and he went on to his interview.  I don't remember if I knew exactly why he was actually there.  He ended up coming to teach at Fatih the next fall (beginning of my Sr. year)....... (So, yes, I was a student while he was a teacher....BUT, he wasn't my teacher!  He taught Jr. High and I was a Senior. He did have me for detention once...the detention was for chewing gum btw!)  We had been around each other quite a bit that year with school functions and going out to pizza inn every sunday night with our group of friends, rolling each other's house w/ toilet paper, prank phone calls, rabbit chasing (will save that one for another post!) etc..but had never been out on a date or anything.  That had never been mentioned with the two of us.  However, we did have several friends "encouraging" it often....(thank you Allison & Shanna!! :-)The day before our first date I was in the gym after school.  I was getting ready to walk out the door to come home when I heard someone call my name....guess who?....Gary.  He was standing all the way at the other end of the gym.  I turned around to look at him and he motioned for me to come there.  I walked all the way to the other end of the gym and when I got there he said, "I just wanted to see  if you'd come over here!"  How cocky? Right?  I didn't care though! I laughed it off...turned around and went home.  Later that evening he called my house and my brother answered the phone. Well, remember as a teenager, you immediately run to see who is on the phone no matter who you think is calling?  I did that and found out it was Gary.  I just assumed he needed to talk to Little Keith about, schoolwork??  I went back to my room and Little Keith told me Gary wanted to talk to me. We small talked for a few minutes and then he asked if I wanted to go out with him.  At first i didn't know if he was serious (because of the whole student/teacher thing) and then I didn't realize he meant the next night!  I was shocked!!  He proceeded to ask me to go to Olive Garden  (in Raleigh of course....duh! we sure couldn't go anywhere around Goldsboro...we could get caught!) with him the next night.  I definitely said yes!  I was so excited....I couldn't believe we were actually going out....BEFORE I graduated!  It was sooooo hard....I couldn't tell any of my friends!!  Do you know how hard that is for a 17 year old girl!!?!?!?! I had to be at school the next day early because we were going on a field trip w/ my hom-ec class to New Bern to tour Tryon Palace and the historic homes.  I had it all planned out.  I washed my hair that morning and french braided it so I could come home and roll it that afternoon before our date. I still was debating on what to wear!  (Important stuff!) When we got to New Bern, as we were walking to pay for our tickets our homec teacher, Mrs. Radford, fell in the gravel parking lot.  Now I'm not talking about a little fall....she rolled in the parking lot!  Of course all us senior girls were laughing at her,,,bless her heart!  She got up and we didn't think anything else about it.  We had a wonderful day was one of the few times I remember that all the girls in my class got along for the whole day and actually enjoyed each other's company.  Maybe we realized all that was quickly coming to an end.  We had a great day.......I must admit though....I was heavily anticipating that evening!!  Well, we got ready to come home and Mrs. Radford couldn't find the van keys!!  What?!?!? I can't get home?!?!  I have a date w/ Gary Goodfellow and I can't tell anyone I HAVE to get home!!!  I was so ancy!  I was looking frantically for those keys.  We finally realized she probably dropped them when she was rolling in the parking lot.  We went to the "lost and found" and THANKFULLY they had them!  I had already been planning on how I was going to get home if she couldn't find them.  I called my mama and told her to be on standby to come to New Bern and get me.  I would have hitch-hiked if I would have had too!  When we got back to school I remember seeing him briefly in the parking lot, but I don't think we talked or anything.  I rushed home....remember I had to roll that hair! When I got home mama had a few new outfits laying out for me to possibly wear.  She realized how important this date was! :-)  I chose a dressy khaki culotte outfit trimmed in lace and had plenty of time to roll my hair! :-)  He came to pick me up and as we got to the stop sign at 70 hwy in rosewood, we pulled up behind Mike and Jane Carraway!! AGGHHH!  She was a fellow teacher!  I ducked down in the foot (that's the floorboard for all you non-rednecks) of the car until they pulled away.  We went on to Olive Garden.  When we pulled up I got out of the car.  He came over to me and told me to never get out like that again because he wanted to open the door for me.  How sweet! He chose to take me there because our cheerleading sponsor had taken our cheerleaders there during the tournament and once we all got our water we had to leave because we all realized we didn't have enough money!! haha We laughed hysterically over getting water and then leaving, but I was so disappointed because it was just so pretty in there.  Gary knew that story and wanted me to have a chance to eat there.  I ordered the cheapest thing....Lasagna.  I felt so bad...I was so nervous, I could only eat half of it.  I loved Olive Garden and have loved it ever since!  After that, we went and walked around Cary mall.  He drove me back to my house where my mema was waiting for us.  Mama and daddy had gone to the beach.  He stayed for a few minutes and went home.  I was so excited, but it was sosososo hard not to call any of my friends! I loved that night! We have tried to celebrate that day ever since.  ~~~posted by Melissa

I arrived in Goldsboro in August of 1993, single and looking. Several of the ladies in the church had tried to set me up with every single female at Faith. There was just no one that I was interested in. Melissa Smith was a student (Senior), but I didn't care. I had met her before and thought she was a great girl. Since I had been at Faith, I had been around her a lot because of youth activities, school activities, and Sunday nights at Pizza Inn, and I really liked being with her (even if it was in groups). She was beautiful, fun, and talented! The blonde hair and blue eyes were a definite plus too! About February, I really started watching her more and wanted to talk to her.  Then, the first weekend of April, the Smiths invited Christian Powell and I over for steaks, some pool, and the Final Four. The next few days, I just knew that I wanted to ask Melissa out. The more I thought about it, the more I talked myself into trying to get away with it. I did pick at her in the gym that afternoon, but I was only trying to figure out how to ask her. I thought she would say yes, but I really wasn't sure what her reaction would be. When I called her that night, I was more nervous about what her parents would think. Thankfully, they "gave their blessing" and allowed her to go out with an "older man." I was somewhat concerned then because I didn't want to be seen together, but I am so grateful that after a few weeks, we were always seen together. What a wonderful and beautiful date! I thoroughly enjoyed being with her and she seemed very comfortable with me. Even though we had to drive over an hour from home to be "alone," that time gave us a chance to talk and laugh. I loved everything about that girl, and I am so glad that I didn't let her age stop me from being with her. She is the perfect woman for me!~~ posted by Gary

We didn't take a picture that night, but here's a lot of our dating pics and some of us on April 8th (last year and this year).  Click full screen and turn your speakers on. Enjoy...these are some oldie goldies! :-)
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Guess what's special about April 8th? Stay tuned and we'll tell you!

Monday, April 4, 2011

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

prayer request

Please pray for one of my best friends, Sarai. Her dad is n the hospital again. He has battled brain cancer for a while.


We had 5 folks raise their hand for salvation last Sunday and a few more this morning. Please pray God will work on their hearts during revival this week!