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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Woohoo For Opening Day! Go Yankees!!!

This Yankee family is super excited for baseball season!! This photo is from our trip to NYC last season!

Where to start?

We have contemplated for a while about starting a blog so we could share with others what is going on with our family.  Really not sure where to begin, though!  Guess we will start with our recent trip to the Homeschool Conference in Greenville, SC.  We had an AWESOME time!  It would be difficult to put in words all the things we learned while there.  Hopefully we'll type out our notes in a later post so they will remain fresh in our minds and maybe we can share some of the knowledge we gained with you.  Our great friends, the Friedleins, went with us too!  We always enjoy spending time with them.  The four of us (the adults that is) just kept going on and on about how full our minds were.  Jenny said it best...."It was like REVIVAl for our family!"  That is the truth.  We were reminded, taught, and convicted over so many things to do better in our home.  We were privileged to hear speakers such as Ken Ham, David Gibbs III, Doug Phillipps, Mark Hamby, John Stonestreet and others.  It was so cool to be at a conference with families everywhere.  Around 8000 in attendance and probably half of them were kids.....which by the way....were great!  Most of them colored, played w/ electronics, other toys, etc...quietly during the sessions.  Everyone was so kind and it was refreshing to be in the company of so many fellow homeschoolers!   We are excited about all the things God has planned for our family!!  We did purchase a few things from Answers in Genesis, Vision Forum, & Summitt Ministries that we are super excited about!! All are helps w/ apologetics teaching.  We have already started with one of the books for family time and it has produced some great discussion!  The funniest part of the trip was getting to see Tim Hawkins live!  HILARIOUS!!  Definitely the girls' favorite part too!  We also went to Bob Jones University.  They gave us a special tour of the studio where they film the homeschool lessons.  The girls just loved that as we use some of their dvds.  They even got to meet some of the teachers.  We also toured the museum and art gallery.  That was nothing but IMPRESSIVE!  We so didn't allow enough time to go through all of it.  We had to rush big time.  They have art pieces from all over the world and we enjoyed it so much....would definitely go back!   We are thankful we had the opportunity to attend the conference and are thankful how God used it in our family! We can't wait for the next one! :)  We would encourage every family to attend  a homeschool conference!
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